Unseeyn us invisible earpiece full hd 3g gsm camera

Spy Bluetooth Earpiece

unseeyn us invisible earpiece full hd 3g gsm camera

Unseeyn unboxing(BT-SET with premimum earpiece)

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Despite being a newcomer in the micro kit wireless headsets market, the innovative 3G-GSM has already won a reputation as a highly reliable system for the transmission of high quality images and audio information in hidden mode. All that thanks to the technological 3G transmission now available anywhere that enables one or more users to exchange instant information, from any distance, without the use of a mobile phone. The device is preferred to other systems like that just in situations that severely limit the use of mobile phones, such as exams or places where electronic devices are forbidden. As with all other earpieces kit, the secrecy of the 3G-GSM operations is guaranteed by the use of inductive earpiece that allows you to communicate in an easy way without being noticed. Another interesting feature of the 3G-GSM kit is related to the audio listening.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Cheat exam products are a reliable, discreet way to ace any test for school or work. Engineered to let you store and reference notes using a variety of convenient, unobtrusive devices, cheat exam products available on eBay provide the added support required to get that coveted high grade. Each product is slightly different, but the basic technology is consistent from product to product. Each device consists of an inductive coil and an earpiece. The earpiece shape varies from product to product. Sometimes, it's a nano earpiece shaped like a dot.

Invisible Earpiece Full HD 3G GSM Camera

GSM camera for cheating exams test Spy Earpiece 4G New Technology

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Spy Bluetooth Earpiece is used for hidden and two-way-communication. You can buy Spy Bluetooth earpiece in India from our online spy store. Now no need of preparing chits and other stuffs for cheating, just use this device. The set of the device includes the spy earpiece, inductive loop and the Bluetooth. It is easy to use. The nano earpiece can also be used for giving presentations, entrance exams,and for investigations. Put the battery in the device, then set the inductive Gadgets at your neck and connect it to a device - Mobile phone, MP3 Player or other device.


High Quality device. Buy the Monorean Pro wireless earpiece for tests and exams at our online store. The best wireless invisible earpiece for students. Buy the Monorean Tiny wireless earpiece for tests and exams at our online store. The Nuraphone is unlike any pair of headphones I've ever heard before.

It will teach you how to optimally set-up and use our Invisible Earpieces for optimum stealth. Click and Leave us your feedback! Tell us how our products have helped you and your experiences with them. We value your opinion and welcome your feedback. Shopping Cart 0 item s - 0. Take a look at our products! Having problems with study?

In addition to covert undetectable voice communication you can now communicate visually as well! You can now take high-quality pictures and send them to your colleagues on their mobile phones or their E-Mail address. The high quality pictures taken with the small concealable camera lets your colleagues see exactly what you see, with crisp clear picture thanks to the auto-focusing high-definition camera that allows extreme close-ups to be taken. You can call your friends or let them call you. The Built-in MP3 Player provides you the ability to transfer your recorded transcripts and other audio materials to the device and play them back when you need them.


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  1. Invisible Earpiece Full HD 3G GSM Camera. First professional 3G GSM exam Earpiece Camera in the World! The Invisible HD Camera is the next step in Spy.

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