Inspector gadget 2 full movie

Inspector Gadget 2

inspector gadget 2 full movie

Inspector Gadget 2 (alternatively known as IG2) is a American live-action comedy film, released direct-to-video on VHS and DVD on March 11,

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The second film departs slightly from the first one. Hughley, who reprises his role voice of the Gadgetmobile, is the only actor from the film to do so. Also, Gadget's love interest from the first movie, Dr. Brenda Bradford, is gone and is replaced by G2. Inspector Gadget is also more goofy, dim-witted, and foolishly inept than he was in the first film, and is unable to control his now glitch-ridden gadgets. As a homage to the original cartoon, Claw's face is never seen and he speaks with a deep, gruff voice.

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The film is based on the cartoon series created by DiC Entertainment and is a stand-alone sequel to the film, Inspector Gadget. Unlike the first film, Inspector Gadget 2 draws more influence from the original cartoon series. The characters' personalities were altered to be more in line with their cartoon counterparts and Dr. Claw's face is never shown. Gadget and Claw are never referred to as "John Brown" and "Sanford Scolex", their respective civilian names from the first film though Claw's communicator is labeled "Scolex Industries".

Featuring a truly awful screenplay and more overbaked CGI detritus than you can shake a claw at, I The comedy is flat, the jokes are stale, the characters are static, and the plot is nonexistent. But the in-jo My Movies. Inspector Gadget 2.

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The second film departs slightly from the first one., Just when things are quieting down in Riverton, everything goes wrong.




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  1. Inspector Gadget returns in this sequel to his hit; a glitched Gadget once again has to fight his Tony Martin in Inspector Gadget 2 () French Stewart in Inspector Gadget 2 () Caitlin Wachs in .. See full technical specs». Edit. Did You Know? Trivia. This movie was filmed in Brisbane Australia See more».

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