Baby momma dance water breaks

Heavily pregnant woman tries to dance herself into labour by taking part in viral 'Baby Mama' video

baby momma dance water breaks

Jan 21, pregnant lady dancing's water breaks A pregnant woman dances until her water breaks in a new viral video. PHOTOS: Celeb babies born in.


Tara hoped to meet her baby sooner by taking part in the viral Baby Mama 'I was hoping the dance would let us meet our baby sooner'. If you haven't already heard of it, the 'Baby Mama Dance' is quickly becoming the latest social media craze among expectant mothers. It sees heavily-pregnant women dancing to the song of the same name, by Starrkeisha, to try and bring on their labour. The trend began in America and went viral after mothers-to-be started sharing videos of themselves dancing and and lip-syncing to the tune. One video showing an expectant mother from Virginia breaking into the dance went viral earlier this month, and has since been viewed more than 11 million times.

This mom isn't "Sorry" a Justin Bieber song sent her into labor. Is it too late now to say sorry This is the question one pregnant woman may have asked herself following an all-out groove session to the pop star's hit, "Sorry. Australian mom-to-be Kortni McLady shook what being a mama gave her and subsequently sent herself into labor while making a video about three months ago. Still, let me just say, "You go, girl! But once the video shoot ended, the real show began.

I'm probably going to get crap for this, but just curious if there is anything you can do at home, naturally, to make your water break? Or does it just happen on its own. I'm not trying to do it now.. I'm only 37 weeks. But I'd try anything in the next few weeks. Apparently stress and sleeping does!

How to make your water break?

Lol I'm not a fan of my pic taken let alone a video of me. I've heard of dancing baby out, but I've never heard the song. This is comical and adorable!

Dance During Pregnancy for Exercise: Workouts, Classes, and Safety

Between the aching back, the nausea, and the exhaustion, pregnancy can be the perfect excuse to skip a workout. But if your pregnancy is healthy, a bit of regular exercise can pay off. If dancing is your thing, get your groove on during your pregnancy and reap the benefits. There may be reasons that exercising during your pregnancy is a bad idea. These can include:. And class instructors can change routines to better fit your needs.

Expectant Mom Dances to Justin Bieber Song to Bring On Labor



@togmom. Lol I'm not a fan of my pic taken let alone a video of me. it is going to be fun. have you seen the video where the ladies water breaks.
i wanna sex you up



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