Highest trp show in indian television history 2016

India’s Very Popular TV Serials of 2015

highest trp show in indian television history 2016

Top 5 Highest TRP Rating TV Shows In India - With TV channel

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Daenerys is the queen of TV. HBO "Game of Thrones" was by far the most popular show around the world in , according to a new analysis from Parrot Analytics. Parrot analyzed not only ratings data where available but also peer-to-peer sharing, social media chatter, and other factors to estimate viewer demand for various shows. These combined measurements determine each show's "demand expressions" per day. Though the formula is opaque, the ranking appears to be one of the best ways to compare shows across platforms and measure how popular they really are. Correction: A previous version of this post stated that the demand expression numbers were per month rather than per day. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

Ye Hai Mohabbatein. Lovely soap opera with feel good love story of a couple who belongs to different culture and have little problems in life. Best thing about this show is that it have more happy moments than sad ones.
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Sign in. A premise in the cockpit of an airplane revolving around four characters Captain Chadda,co captain Pingle,Airhostess Rosy and flight purser Nawab. Votes: Votes: 2, Votes: 14, Votes: 18, Set in the summer of it is a story about conflicting emotions towards family members from the eyes of a twelve year old.

Jump to navigation. But that doesn't erase the history. Indian viewers have consumed content from Pakistan for the past 30 years, starting from s. Though Indian TV shows offer a wide variety of content in all genres, there is something about Pakistani shows that appeal to Indian viewers. Maybe it's the novely of the treatment of these shows or maybe it's the cultural connect that works. Though Indian viewers were largely exposed to Pakistani serials just recently in when a new channel, Zindagi started showing Pakistani classics, but in reality, the shows from our neighbouring country had started making inroads in India way back in s. We recall the landmark Pakistani TV shows over the years that captured the fancy of Indian viewers, thanks to their story, presentation and characters.

TRP Of Top 10 Indian TV Serials March 7th Week 2016

Top 10 Most Popular TV shows - Most Indian hit serials (Your Choice Top 10)

Top 10 Highest TRP Rating TV Shows In India 2019

This is a list of longest-running Indian television series and shows in India. The series are listed as per the episode count and not by the year telecast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

STAR Plus is a great channel, equipped with tons of diverse shows for all of your Hindi language entertainment needs! This list of the top STAR Plus TV series, both current and canceled series, includes the date when each first aired as well as lists of the casts of actors. Television fans in different locations grew up with STAR Plus on different channels, but many of us still had access to the same shows. It is a drama primarily focusing on the couple The show is based on the relationship of The story is set in the alleys of Old. It is based on the story of a little girl name

This is a list of television shows based on the subjects of Indian history. Some shows listed below are fictionalised or dramatised shows based on historical events and people. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

TRP stands for Television rating Point is the powerful tool that measures which TV shows viewed the most by its viewers. Roughly, TRP of any show is directly proportional to the revenue generated by it.
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  1. As per the recent data revealed by BARC for the Week 31 (30th July to Friday, 5th August ), Star Plus continues to occupy the lead.

  2. Ratings or TRPs decide the fate of every show on Indian television. Affairs · Social Issues · Indian Entertainment History · UNCUT VIEWER BLOG Indian TV : Top 10 Shows That Have Been Most Consistent With Their TRP Jan 15,

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