Uno dare house rules ideas

Uno (House Rules)

uno dare house rules ideas

7 Rules You May Have Missed In UNO The Card Game - How To Play Correctly


You know Uno! This fast and frenzied card game has been a family favorite for over four decades now. Here are 15 of the best editions of this cool card classic! Autocracy rules in this awesome edition. Uno Moo! Instead of matching cards and placing them in a pile, little hands pair finger-friendly animal figurines and push them through the barn door and into the storage box.

FanimeCon Forums. Home Help Login Register. Uno is a kind of OK game, but Jerry's House Rules turn it into an entirely different beast - once you've played Modified Uno, you can never go back to the original. I'm making this thread to list off and collect custom rules, so that future Modified Uno games can be even better! The Jump Rule - At any time, if you have the same card - color and number - as the card anyone plays, you can "jump" in by playing that card, and then taking your turn as if play had passed to you. Nobody can jump while you wait to play the card that follows your jump.

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Uno is big in our house. You get 7 cards in your hand, and your goal is to get rid of your hand, discarding any card that will play when it is your turn. If there is a yellow 7 card in the discard pile, you can play any yellow card, or any 7 card. If you play with my husband, he will catch you on this rule. There are a lot of different ways you can vary your Uno game, but doing so teaches us important lessons about design. So… how does this improve the game? House rules:.

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