Hrithik roshan dance show on star plus just dance

Hrithik Roshan's Dance video from Just Dance Music video by

hrithik roshan dance show on star plus just dance

The dance god of the bollywood Hrithik Roshan comes with a dance reality show on star plus. Just Dance Auditions videos are here, For more.

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The international auditions for the show will begin Feb 27, as the "Just Dance" team will set out to scout talent in Britain and the US, besides covering the major metros and other cities across India. Contestants will have a rare chance to match steps with Hrithik, while ace choreographers Farah Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant will judge the show. Going by the brand promise of nayi soch, Star Plus through 'Just Dance' will be providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for aspirants to have the exceptional experience of sharing the stage with Hrithik himself," Anupam Vasudev, executive vice president Marketing and Communication , Star Plus, said in a press statement. Produced by SOL productions, the show will be shot across 30 episodes. It will start with auditions, and then proceed through eliminations, as the participants vie to be the apple of Hrithik's eye.

He adds, "I've worked as a production assistant. I know how much it matters when one has to cancel shoot schedules. So, I just did my bit for the show. I'm sure any professional actor would have done the same for his project and team. Since choreography will be their key focus, will he too judge the performances on the same parameters? My focus will be on energy, expression and the impulse of the performers more than just choreography because dance is all about expressing emotions.

Post YOUR reviews here. I nitials unravel themselves based on context. When you take a big chunky chain with a dangling HR medallion, the first name that comes to mind is not Hrithik Roshan just as it's not, say, Hispania Racing, or even, Human Resources. Just Dance , the new Star Plus show, seems to do anything but live up to its name. There is precious little actual dancing on the show, but a lot more hemming and hawing about celebrity judges and the host itself, whose own very name is constantly albatross'd by a ridiculous epithet that he will surely have trouble living down.

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  1. Just Dance is an Indian television dance-reality series on Star Plus. The series is judged by well-known Bollywood film actor Hrithik Roshan along with.

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