Positive pregnancy test after abortion

Pregnancy Test After Abortion - Am I Still Pregnant?

positive pregnancy test after abortion

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If you do not have symptoms of a complication, it is not necessary to have an ultrasound after a medical abortion. By having an ultrasound you can determine whether the pregnancy has ended even a few days after the abortion, especially if you are unsure whether the abortion was successful. You can also have a home urine pregnancy test about weeks after taking the medicines. If you take the home urine pregnancy test before waiting 3 weeks, it can show a false result that a woman is pregnant, because there are still pregnancy hormones in her body. Medical abortion, like miscarriage, is a process that takes place over time and the body might take several weeks to fully expel all the tissues and products in the uterus. This is normal.

A medical abortion is successful when the pregnancy stops developing and there is no need for additional medical care. Research has shown that It is important that you understand that an abortion is a process. It takes time for the uterus to empty and for the abortion to be complete. It is normal for the bleeding and clotting to continue for weeks or even longer.

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Most women are able to know if the abortion was successful because pregnancy symptoms such as breast tenderness and nausea begin to disappear within a few days. Some women might see the embryo or embryonic sac. Even if the woman feels she is not pregnant anymore, it is important to make sure the abortion was successful. Women should either get an ultrasound after the medical abortion or take a pregnancy test 3 weeks after the abortion. A urine pregnancy test may not be accurate for weeks after the abortion.

Post-abortion pregnancy test

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Do you need to have an ultrasound after doing an abortion with pills?

Many women who decide to have an abortion still want to have a baby in the future. But how does having an abortion affect a future pregnancy? This will depend on how far along you were in your pregnancy before the abortion happened. An abortion will restart your menstrual cycle. Ovulation , when an egg is released from the ovary, typically happens around day 14 of a day menstrual cycle. However, not everyone has a day cycle, so the exact timing can vary.

If you've had a diagnosis of miscarriage , you may be confused if you take a pregnancy test and find that it's positive. Learn how a pregnancy test works and how long it usually remains positive after a miscarriage. Pregnancy tests detect the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG human chorionic gonadotropin in the blood or urine. Most of the time, hCG is only in a woman's body during pregnancy, so a test is usually fairly conclusive for pregnancy. There are some rare ovarian tumors which secrete hCG, but these are extremely uncommon. However, after an embryo or fetus stops growing and a miscarriage occurs, the hormone does not disappear from a woman's body right away. The level of hCG gradually decreases , falling back down to zero over a period of days , or even weeks, depending on how far along the pregnancy was when the miscarriage happened.


Positive Pregnancy Test After a Miscarriage



As many as 66% of the pregnancy tests done 2 weeks after abortion are positive, even when the woman is no longer pregnant. It is better to wait weeks.
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