When did archie bunker die

Edith Bunker

when did archie bunker die

R.I.P. Edith Bunker - We Will Always Love You

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Carroll O'Connor, an actor trained in Shakespearean drama who achieved his greatest triumph playing Archie Bunker, television's malapropian, working-class bigot from Queens, died on Thursday at a hospital in Culver City, Calif. He was 76 and lived in Malibu, Calif. The cause was a heart attack, said Joe Handy, a spokesman for the actor. In a career spanning five decades, Mr. O'Connor won five Emmys.

Bunker, a main character of the series, is a World War II veteran, blue-collar worker , and family man. Described as a "lovable bigot", he was first seen by the American public when All in the Family premiered on January 12, , where he was depicted as the head of the Bunker family. In , the show was retooled and renamed Archie Bunker's Place ; it finally went off the air in All in the Family got many of its laughs by playing on Archie's bigotry, although the dynamic tension between Archie and his liberal son-in-law, Mike, provided an ongoing political and social sounding board for a variety of topics. Archie appears in all but seven episodes of the series three were missed because of a contract dispute between Carroll O'Connor and Norman Lear in Season 5.

Nearly half a century after its creation, All In The Family remains one of the most influential and enduring sitcoms in TV history. For nine seasons, the Norman Lear comedy tickled funny bones and busted taboos with topics never before discussed in primetime. But Lear and his writers used these characters to expose deep-rooted biases and prickly family dynamics that are timeless. So, stifle yourself and enjoy these facts about the family who lived at Hauser Street. Lear based the series on Til Death Us Do Part , a British sitcom about a conservative father and his liberal son-in-law. Lear and partner Bud Yorkin pitched the series to ABC in , and the network immediately ordered a pilot. ABC was uncertain, so they ordered another pilot five months later using the same script , this time called Those Were The Days.

She was the wife of Archie Bunker who often called her a " dingbat " , mother of Gloria Stivic , mother-in-law of Michael "Meathead" Stivic , and, after , grandmother of Joey Stivic. Edith Bunker was a native of New York City. She was born in October and died in her sleep of a stroke in September , at age She attended Millard Fillmore High School and was in the graduating class of Her high school only had one reunion and that was the 30th, in , which she attended. There is not an exact date brought up when she met Archie.

She was the wife of Archie Bunker who often called her a " dingbat " , mother of Gloria Stivic , mother-in-law of Michael "Meathead" Stivic and after , grandmother of Joey Stivic. While Edith was typically a traditional and subservient wife with several notable exceptions throughout the series , Jean Stapleton was a noted feminist. Series creator Norman Lear said on All Things Considered that his father told his mother to "stifle". Edith Bunker was an undereducated but kind, cheery and loving woman. She didn't have as much of a political opinion as the rest of the family.


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The scene that led to Edith's death (All in the family)

Carroll O'Connor, the Emmy-winning actor best-known for his iconic role as Archie Bunker in the groundbreaking s television comedy "All.
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