Baby gets slapped in the face

Viral video of child kneeling while getting slapped; considered abuse

baby gets slapped in the face

Baby gets smacked


A video of a young girl, who is made to kneel in public before a man slaps her hard on the face, has sparked outrage. So much so that the alleged abuse has been reported to both the police and the Ministry of Social and Family Development MSF , which are now investigating the incident. In the video, taken at about 9pm on Monday, the girl, who looks to be of primary school age, is seen kneeling next to a white car in the carpark of Ikea Tampines. A man, believed to be her father and standing beside a woman, points his finger at the girl, then swings back his arm and slaps her face. As the man walks away, the girl remains kneeling. He then turns back and berates her as the video ends.

The parents of Glen Braun, from Kansas in the US, have shared pictures showing a hand-shaped bruise on his face. A baby was slapped so hard at his nursery school that he was left with a hand-shaped bruise on his face, his parents claim. Glen Braun, who is just six months old, had a brain bleed and a painful injury to his face after the incident in Kansas in the US. Mum Sarah said a home care worker told her that the injury could have been caused by another child. While the investigation is carried out the nursery - which has not been named in reports - has had its licence suspended. By Dave Burke.

TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. Or you suddenly do laugh, and then feel immediately guilty afterward. But it was too late — the video had already been turned into a viral cheese slapping challenge. It gets better every time I watch it pic. Technically this was cheese I still ate the pizza cheesechallenge pic. Throwing cheese at your kids causes no long term mental health issues…as yet! I laughed, yes.

A disturbing video of a woman physically abusing a baby caused outrage after it went viral. The caption asked Twitter for help finding the child. Later in the day, the same account tweeted that the baby had been found. According to Col. The child was taken to a hospital and is reported to be well. He is now in custody of his father.

Wollongong mum accused of slapping six-month-old baby in the face




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