Best place to get makeup done in nyc

Top 10 Makeup Application Professionals near New York, NY

best place to get makeup done in nyc


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Head to the newly renovated Astor Place outpost and sit down at the beauty bar. Beauty junkies can obsess for hours at this chain stocked with brands, such as Urban Decay, Channel and Too Faced, but best of all? You can get a mini-makeover at any location in the city for free! Whether you wear natural makeup or go for the dramatic look, this cosmetic giant has you covered. Clueless to which products complement your features? Just a few years ago, the arrival of a blow-dry-only bar was a game changer for women who wanted hot hair in a hot minute, and ever since, beauty services in Gotham have continued to change. This Soho beauty bar will be your go-to for events, weddings and quick changes.

As a mostly makeup-free gal a swipe of liner and mascara are as much as I can muster for early mornings , the idea of getting my face done by a professional causes me equal parts excitement and trepidation. Pre-party or post-baby, the speedy makeup studio may soon be as ubiquitous as the blow-dry bar, offering targeted minute applications a cat eye here, a bold lip there to urban girls in a hurry. In recent months, a handful of just such intriguing new spaces have opened their doors in New York City with the promise of making a quick touch-up easier. So, like any sane woman, I immediately scheduled three appointments in four days and set off on a weekend of beauty bar—hopping. Each station is equipped with vanity lights and a reclining chair you can lay back and nap during your appointment—really, my artist said it happens!

I Got My Makeup Done At 5 Different Counters And This Is What Happened

Skip navigation! - Alexander has worked behind the same Saks makeup counter for decades, but she still loves change.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done In NYC

For years, I've sworn that I'll do my own makeup for my wedding. I've never particularly liked the way anyone else has done my makeup, and given the fact I've been doing it myself since middle school, I feel confident in my skills. Not to mention I also know which products and shades do and don't work for me, the latter of which is usually the root of the issue when a third party gives it a shot. However, the makeup of celebrities like, ahem, the Kardashians on the red carpet always looks flawless—not a pore in sight. Perhaps I just need to find my own Mario Dedivanovic or Charlotte Tillbury to make my wedding photo the kind you set as your profile picture for every social network you're a member of you know what I'm talking about. I figured in the spirit of wedding season and my pending nuptials , I'd give three different artists the same instructions to see if their visions and my vision would differ.

So, you might remember me from this post , in which me and some other BuzzFeed Babes got our hair and makeup done. But a lot of people who saw the post said the makeup artist MUA from now on didn't know how to do makeup for a woman of color. When you're a woman of color, it's hard enough matching your skin tone to a foundation without having to mix and therefore buy two colors. For lipstick, it can be incredibly difficult to know which colors compliment your skin because many swatch tests are done on lighter skin. And when it comes to eyeshadow, we often get pigeonholed into only using specific colors, particularly golds and purples.


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My daughter always wants to go to the mall to get her makeup done, but we've okay, I've never made it a priority to get it done. It seems like maybe a very ny experience fashion, makeup, etc Any suggestions? I just want something 14 year old appropriate and fun for her. You will probably feel guilty if you don't purchase something, but the service will probably be less loud and harried than at Sephora.

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