How to get galaxy skin accessories

Samsung to announce Fortnite accesory kit in livestream with “Ninja”

how to get galaxy skin accessories

The *NEW* GALAXY Skin Upgrade!

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Fortnite Galaxy Set: How to Get the Galaxy Accessories Set. By As long as you have the Galaxy skin and have completed the required three.
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Fortnite Galaxy skins are exclusive designs that have proven popular with fans and look set to be added to in the future. Still only available as an exclusive with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Tab S4, the original Fortnite Galaxy skin went live earlier this year. And it now appears that it will soon be expanded to include a whole new range of items, following sometime after Halloween This was revealed by data miners earlier this week, following the release of the latest Fortnite update. It appears that a new Galaxy bundle is on the way, including an axe and glider to match with the Galaxy skin.

Fortnite Galaxy skin LEAK: New designs coming after Halloween 2018?

Unlocking my Galaxy Skin Accessories!

Fortnite’s leaked Galaxy Skin cosmetics will be exclusive to Samsung users

The Samsung Galaxy Fortnite accessory kit will be unveiled not through your usual event, but fittingly enough, during an exclusive livestream on Twitch. They have tapped popular streamer Ninja Tyler Blevins in real life to introduce the world to this new gaming kit. The exclusive livestream will also have actress Nora Lum, more popularly known as Awkwafina of course, rapper Travis Scott, and the winner of the online contest Hector Diaz, a member of the US Army. Samsung has yet to give us a peek into the accessory kit but they did say it will have a glider, back bling, and a harvesting tool. We are assuming that it will also share the same cosmic design as the exclusive skin that Samsung released for the game previously. It will be designed for the Galaxy Tab S4 and the Galaxy Note 9, which was where Fortnite first became available when it debuted on Android.

Samsung and Epic Games still have a close relationship and Samsung device owners will be getting some new exclusive Fortnite goodies. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4 owners playing Fortnite will get a Galaxy-themed harvesting tool, glider, and back bling. These items are in addition to the Samsung Galaxy-themed skin that was offered last month. Samsung also offered players a chance to highlight their best gaming moments while using the exclusive skin for a chance to play with some elite gamers. Diaz and the celebrity squad will livestream their gameplay on Tuesday, October That same livestream will mark the debut of the new Galaxy-themed accessory kit.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Tab S4 users set to receive exclusive Fortnite Galaxy accessory kit

Now, if you are someone that has a Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4, more exclusive Fortnite gear will be heading your way. Starting Thursday, November 1, owners of the Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Tab S4 can exclusively access the new Galaxy accessory kit for Fortnite, which includes back bling, a glider and a harvesting tool. The Galaxy accessory kit joins the Galaxy skin as exclusive, coveted in-game Fortnite content, available as a benefit for owners of Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Tab S4. Unfortunately, despite announcing that these exclusive items will be available starting on November 1, Samsung and Fortnite have failed to share an image of the freebies. We can assume that the back bling, glider, and harvesting tool will share the cosmic design found on the Galaxy skin, but we will have to wait another week to find out specifics. What do you think about the exclusive Fortnite character items? Do you believe the accessory kit is worth buying a Note 9 or Tab S4 for?

Fans of Fortnite enjoying the game on their Samsung Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4 may remember being treated to an exclusive Galaxy skin a few months back. This set will include the following swanky new cosmic-looking accessories for you to equip onto your character: Galactic Disk Back Bling, Stellar Axe, and Discover Glider. This guide should hopefully help clear up any confusion and get some people a cool new set of accessories. Head here for further details on the Galaxy skin. The rollout for the Galaxy set began on Nov.

Galaxy is one of the more unique skins I've seen added to the game of Fortnite. It depicts a male that has been apparently consumed by the universe as he is displaying galaxies, stars, and planets all over his body. He also has what appears to be small orbs of light orbiting around his head. While most Epic skins come with a Back Bling, we have not seen one for this skin. It looks like you will have to have a Samsung device to get this skin. The Galaxy outfit will appear as a free item for you to claim in the in-game Fortnite store. More items for this set were leaked in October, and it turns out if you are the lucky owner of this skin then you will be receiving these additional items on November 1st!


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  1. How do I become eligible to receive a Fortnite Galaxy Skin? To become Do I need a Samsung or Epic Games account to redeem my Galaxy Skin? Yes, you.

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