Luat di tru my 2018

Nha?t B?n s? n?i l?ng lua?t v? lao do?ng nha?p cu?

luat di tru my 2018

Cong ty chuyen nghi?p v? m?i lanh v?c lien quan d?n di tru M?, nhu b?o lanh cha, m?, anh, ch?, v?, ch?ng, con, du h?c, lam vi?c ? M?.

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I lived in vietnam for the past 12 years. Only come to the States when needed. So my situation was complicated on all fronts when it comes to sponsoring my wife to the US. I finally came to this office on a referral from my own sister that used this service when she came from VN with her daughter. This office works along side with you and keep you inform on what needed.

To be eligible, distinguished attorneys are increasing their footprint in the EB-5 industry. Vishal K. Chhabria focuses on immigration and business law. In immigration, Chhabria specializes in investment migration. With offices in Chicago, Dubai , Mumbai and Ahmedabad India , Chhabria travels often to grow and strengthen relationships with clients and industry professionals.

Miller Mayer has created compliance modules to allow clients to customize their level of support. Miller Mayer has secured approval of hundreds of regional center designations, amendments, and exemplar project filings. We have represented regional centers, developers, and funds in EB-5 projects across economic sectors including commercial real estate, infrastructure, hospitality, healthcare, entertainment, gaming, energy and manufacturing. In the past decade only, Miller Mayer filed thousands of EB-5 petitions while maintaining approval rates far above industry norms. This includes petitions benefiting over 16, individuals, and over 2, approvals of Is, the petition establishing job creation that secures a permanent green card. Our investor clients hail from countries all over the world including China, Vietnam, Korea, France, India, and Kazakhstan. The federal Office of Management and Budget OMB has completed its review of a draft final rule modifying the EB-5 immigrant investor program regulations.

Bao Lanh-Di Tru Thanh My

Labor mobility has also been important to the capacity of the American economy to adapt to changing conditions. - Members of the immigrant community who have previous orders of deportation are urged to be vigilant and seek legal assistance when reporting for their check-in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE.




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