Dressage training level test 3

2011 Training Level Test 3: United States Equestrian Federation, Inc

dressage training level test 3

Merlin Training Level Test 3 I LOVE DRESSAGE Show 2019

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I know all competitors have been waiting anxiously for the new tests. Those of you traveling to Florida soon will be showing these tests starting December 1 of this year. This blog is going to review the differences in the Intro and Training Level Tests. All the Intro tests are unchanged except C where the halt is at X not G! Training Level Tests 1 and 2 sequence of movements are staying the same!

Total Points: Max: Subtotal:. Name of Rider. Name of Judge the forehand hindquarters. Arena: Standard or Small All trot work may be ridden sitting or rising, unless stated. Halts may be through the walk. Average Ride Time: Std.

Please feel free to use these diagrams for personal use. Not for commercial use. They may not be posted on a website. They may be shared with friends, students and trainers. Accuracy is not guaranteed.

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Important events happen every four years: Olympic Games, World Equestrian Games, presidential elections…and the release of new dressage tests! Georges test, and the Developing Horse Grand Prix test are revised on a four-year cycle. How the Test-Writing Process Works. Besides myself, he was assisted by fellow working-group members Jennifer Baumert, Dr. During the four years between test revisions, the test writers evaluate the current tests and gather feedback from competitors, trainers, and judges as to how the tests could be improved. In this recently completed test-writing cycle, we received some excellent suggestions—although only 76 members of the American dressage community weighed in: 29 riders, 24 judges, 20 trainers, and three high-performance athletes.

These tests belong to those RL organizations , but I am providing copies here as reference materials -- the HFDA is meant to be an educational resource on the sport of dressage, and what better way for you to learn about dressage than to see the real-life tests! Training Test 1 Training Test 2 Training Test 3 Training Test 4 Note that there is no "freestyle" option for horses at the training level - that doesn't start until 1st level. As it is included anyway in some HFSHC shows, it may be assumed that the HFDA has created a ficticious "Test 4" containing the same compulsary movements as other tests of this level, but in a different sequence. As it is included anyway in some HFSHC shows, it may be assumed that the HFDA has created a ficticious "test 4" containing the same compulsary movements as other tests of this level, but in a different sequence. Judge rates movements as well as artistic attributes harmony, choreography, degree of difficulty, musicality. Riders may NOT include "above the level" movements those found only at higher level tests , and will be penalized for each above-the-level movement performed. It may be considered roughly equivalent with second level in difficulty.

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First Look: The 2019 USDF and US Equestrian Dressage Tests

Class fees are listed on the class list. The rental of a turn out pen must be in addition to a stall rental. Turn out pens may not be used instead of stalls. Management will not be responsible for any damage, injury, or illness that may occur to any horses using the turnout facilities. NOTE: Competitors are responsible for stripping their stalls. If stalls are not stripped, the deposit fee will be forfeited!

Share This. The total running time of this three part video is Janet Foy starts by going through the First Level Test 3 test with the rider while offering tips on how to ride the test. As she rides the test Janet gives scores and comments on the movements. Debbie helps her with the leg yield, letting her flow more forward without so much inside rein. Debbie McDonald works with the second First Level rider, beginning with helping her learn the feel that she is looking for and encouraging her to take a bit more of a feel. As the mare gets bouncy, the tendency is to lengthen the reins, and Debbie has her keep her contact.

USEF TRAINING LEVEL TEST 1. Call Sheet. Test. Coefficient. 1. A. X 3. A . Circle left 20m developing left lead canter in first quarter of circle. 4. A – F – B.
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