How much to tip groomer

How Much to Tip a Dog Groomer

how much to tip groomer

How much should you tip a dog groomer?

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Wow, tip full price? Not at all. And 11 months old is basically grown! And if its an 11 month old, poorly mannered Weimaraner, or Huskey Assuming there is no tip-line on a credit card receipt, is it acceptable for the cashier to ASK the customer if they would like to add a tip before the credit card is run? My experience tells me "yes", it is acceptable for the cashier to ask.

This page was written after I did a search on groomer tipping and found pages and pages of people who had googled the same question… and had no idea what the etiquette was for getting their dog groomed. I will also cover holiday tipping and special circumstances toward the end. So how much do I tip? The following basic requirements must be met:. An appreciation tip is exactly what it sounds like.

When it comes to giving tips for services, it can be a very uncomfortable area for many people.
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I'm having my dog groomed in a full-service mobile van. Yes, it's quite expensive. Since this is our first mobile grooming experience, I didn't know if I should be tipping the groomer, who owns her business. I suppose I should, but was wondering how much. I can't afford to use them on a regular basis and will probably only use them 2 or 3 times during the year.

how much do you tip the dog groomer?

Some people tend to tip freely, and hand over a few bucks to cable installers, mail carriers, hair stylists and everyone in between; others tip only when the social pressures compel them to do so. People also differ in the amounts they tip. - Rules for tipping vary from industry to industry. Tips offered to the barista who makes your coffee, for example, may not match up to the tips you would give a server or hair stylist.


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