How to be on famous birthdays

May Celebrity Birthdays

how to be on famous birthdays

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July 7 : Bandleader Doc Severinsen is Drummer Ringo Starr is Singer-guitarist Warren Entner of the Grass Roots is Actor Joe Spano is Country singer Linda Williams is Actress Shelley Duvall is Bassist Mark White of the Spin Doctors is

The 1 Google ranked website for "birthdays," which now attracts over 1. With over new profiles created each week and real-time updates to Popularity Ranks, Famous Birthdays gives users control over the website's content. By plugging data on Facebook 'likes', onsite searches, and Twitter shares into an algorithm, Famous Birthdays maintains organic and socially generated popularity rankings. Famous Birthdays aims to be a cross-generational site for "people that love celebrities, celebrity facts, and entertainment," said Britton. By the end of the year, Famous Birthdays plans to have over 50, profiles. Celebrities and the entertainment industry have taken note of Famous Birthdays. According to Britton, stars have invited fans on Twitter and Facebook to boost their popularity ranking on the website.

Some of our favorite figures in art, history, and pop culture were born in the month of July. We couldn't possibly name them all, but here are just a handful of lives we'll be celebrating. Diana, the Princess of Wales , was adored by many as she changed the way people viewed the Royal Family.
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People have always had an intense fascination with celebrities, and this has been going on for many centuries, but nowadays gossip magazines and celeb websites have fueled the celebrity-mania even more. With just a few clicks, you will be able to find out whether you share the same birthday with thousands of different celebrities like famous scientists, famous athletes, famous authors, famous actors and many more professions. Be prepared to be really surprised to know the famous people born on your birthday! Do you share a birthday with some of the brightest minds in the world, or with one of history's most famous serial killers or hateful dictators? Why not give it a whirl!

If you have enough fans, there is a website that will always remember your birthday no Facebook notifications required. Famous Birthdays , founded in , has emerged as a valuable discovery platform for the social media industry. I found out gamer Jacksepticeye holds a degree in hotel management. As with other detail-oriented websites looking at you, TV Tropes , a single visit to Famous Birthdays can result in hours of fascinated clicking. Take a look:.

Celebrity birthdays for the week of July 7-13

A warm happy birthday to everyone who is celebrating today 10 May. A very happy birthday to the iconic U2 singer!







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  1. There exists a popular belief, that the date of a person's birth is correlated to his or her personality, talents, preferences and, to some extent, the chance of success in life.

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