How to cook quick grits in a crock pot

Southern Crock-Pot Easy Cheesy Grits

how to cook quick grits in a crock pot

pre cook homemade grits over night in crock pot slow cooker for breakfast in the morning prep1

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Ever wonder what the best way to cook grits is? I'm going to tell you hands down it's in your crock pot! They are so creamy and perfect you'll never want to cook grits any other way again. Many times I get asked how I find recipes for my blog. Some of my favorite recipes are from family and friends; others are through research and ideas that pop into my head.

They both always made the best grits — creamy, buttery, and cooked to perfection. I remember spending the night with Grandmother and waking up to the intoxicating, heady aroma of bacon crackling in her cast iron skillet. I always wanted to be the first one into the kitchen with her when she was cooking to watch her perform her magic and to hopefully be able to taste test any number of dishes she was preparing. Even as a young girl, I remember being mesmerized watching her in the kitchen. Her biscuits were neatly placed in one of her biscuit pans and rising in the oven while the eggs sat in a bowl on the counter waiting to be scrambled in a bit of the bacon drippings once the bacon had been cooked. But on the back eye of her stove stood a pot with grits thick from being cooked since very early in the morning with cream and butter just waiting on cheese to top it off.

The Best Way to Cook Grits in the Slow Cooker


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  1. Overnight slow cooker grits are a bowl full of comfort on a cool morning or a delicious highlight for brunch.

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