How much money do the slow mo guys make

The Slow Mo Guys net worth

how much money do the slow mo guys make

How much money does theslowmoguys make on YouTube 2014

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Their content is science and technology based. Their channel entails a wide variety of things which have been filmed in extreme slow motion. The two met while working in a Waitrose in their home county of Oxfordshire. The cameras they use are produced by Vision Research Phantom able to film fps at p. The Slow Mo Guys channel has over 13 million subscribers as of and has accumulated over 1. In a day the channel will get around , views across its various videos.

It's no secret that the entertainment world is changing. A lot of us don't even consume the news and entertainment in the traditional way anymore TV and print. Sure, these people aren't as famous as the A-listers of Hollywood, but they have rampant, rabid fanbases that are getting bigger by the day. More to the point, some of these YouTube celebrities are more famous than some A-listers. Some of these YouTube celebrities made their money by playing video games and streaming the footage, something that people can also do on Twitch. Others simply posted vlogs every week or so and gained followers the more the viewers got to know them.

How much do YouTubers make when each of their videos get 50k, k, k, 1m, and m views? What about even more than that?.
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When YouTube launched 10 years ago, no-one knew how it was going to survive. Video - especially back then - was enormously expensive, and YouTube was hosting it for free, attracting an millions per day. Google bought the startup a mere year later, turning it into a juggernaut of content that has amassed over 1 trillion views and now averages over million unique visitors a month. The revenue that Google's ads bring also offers a slice of the profits for anyone who cares to sign up to the program. Gaming vloggers like PewDiePie. One area that seems to have generated more wealth than any other on YouTube is gaming videos.

It has been described as the biggest channel for slow motion videos on YouTube. The series consists of a wide variety of things filmed in extreme slow motion using a range of Vision Research Phantom high-speed cameras, capable of shooting over , frames per second. In , Gavin Free joined Green Door Films, the first production house in Europe to utilize Phantom digital high-speed cameras as a source of slow motion , working as a data technician and camera operator. In , he was hired to direct the seventh season of the Rooster Teeth machinima series Red vs. Afterwards, he had decided to make a move to Austin, Texas and work full-time for Rooster Teeth. Free and Gruchy met while working in a Waitrose in their home county of Oxfordshire.

The Slow Mo Guys

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