How to make model magic slime

Maia’s Best Ever Butter Slime Recipe

how to make model magic slime


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Follow the steps of our DIY slime recipe! Stir until Model Magic has started to dissolve and mixes well with the water. Skip to content Would you like to visit your local site? There isn't a local site available. Would you like to visit the Australian site? Would you like to visit your local site? Select a Country.

This model magic slime recipe is one of our favorites! Some people call it butter slime due to its consistency. So my husband and I have started teaching an after school enrichment class on slime! Yes, we are making slime with over 20 kids every week in a classroom. With the amazing help from my slime mentor, Babble Dabble Do who has many slime classes and recipes under her belt , our classes have been tons of fun and very successful! What makes this slime recipe unique is the addition of model magic- you know, that clay-like material you can sculpt with? Remember, when making slime, not every measurement is super exact.

Slime is becoming a part of our regular daily routine it seems. Almost every day my daughter asks if we can make slime. The ingredients are a little different to normal, so I needed to order some of it from Amazon. She was desperate to try it! But it was soooo worth the wait! This butter slime is super super stretchy!

My resident slime expert, Ava, has come up with a new Model Magic slime! Actually, she uses both Model Magic and the new Japanese equivalent which is a bit softer with deeper colors , Daiso Clay. I will give you step-by-step instructions for both, and then compare the two at the end. Step 3: Add abut 20 squirts or about 3 tablespoons lotion. Stir until all the ingredients are mixed together. Step 4: Add your color.

If you are wondering how to make butter slime you have come to the right place! We made butter slime two ways and in our books, one was the clear winner. Do your kids love making slime at home? We have more glue slime formulas, plus some that use contact lens solution, shaving foam, borax powder, and other ingredients you might already have around the house! Oh my! Almost two gallons of glue and what feels like millions of recipes, later we are still making slime mixtures at our house. While this one was great at first, as Bella played with it, it became not as stretchy….

Model Magic Slime Recipe


This model magic slime recipe is one of our favorites! (Some people How to Make Model Magic Slime: Butter Slime Recipe with Model Magic.
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