How to stop automatic page refresh in google chrome

Stop websites from reloading pages automatically

how to stop automatic page refresh in google chrome

You can stop a web page from automatically refreshing in Chrome, Firefox, Edge or IE, and save on Disable Auto-Refresh in Google Chrome.

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Webmasters have a number of techniques at their disposal to create auto-refreshing or reloading websites. From the basic meta refresh to more advanced options that rely on JavaScript. While it may be useful at times if a site reloads content automatically, it can also be a nuisance especially if it does not feature a pause or stop button prominently. Sometimes, it is useful if the entire page or some content on it refreshes automatically. It is useful if you follow a sports game on a site and get auto-refreshing scores and information about the game, and eBay and other auction sites may refresh the highest bid whenever it changes. Websites reload automatically sometimes when it is not desired by the user as; doing so can be highly disruptive.

I know how to refresh pages if I want new content. in chrome://flags - I do see a Only Auto-Reload Visible Tabs, but this option does not stop.
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There are times when we come across the situations of opening a lot of tabs in Google Chrome which results in loading of slow web page. It is even worse when you change tabs and need to wait for a long time till the browser have to load the entire page from the internet. Alternatively, we can use the F5 tab on your keyboard to refresh the page. But today in this article we are going to introduce the feature like auto-refresh. On the other hand, this feature can be disabled and you can also stop automatic refreshing of the web page both in chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox in a few simple steps. Before we move in the exact article lets check where does the Auto-refresh use. The auto-refresh feature helps in viewing the real-time reloads of the websites such as live news report, auction, election results and other live sports like cricket, football, basketball, etc.

How to Disable Auto-Refresh of Web Page in Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

How to Stop & Disable Tabs - Google Chrome Tabs Auto Refresh Off

How To: Disable Web Page Auto-Refresh in Google Chrome

There was a time when web pages were static once they loaded no post-processing changing web pages before your eyes, no funny business. Instead, you need to get a third-party extension. Want to know what else you can do with Chrome Flags? Read our rundown of the best Chrome Flags you can enable. Curious to find out more about the changes you can make to Firefox? Check out our list of about:config Firefox tricks. Nope, no such luck.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. Since a recent update in Chrome Windows, desktop if I change to some tabs, which haven't been opened for a longer time, Chrome automatically performs a refresh on the page. It only happens, when the tab hasn't been opened for a longer time.

Information pulled from How to Stop Web Pages From Constantly Updating This was also explained in Can I turn off Google Chrome's new.
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You switch to a tab with a half-filled form. And, you watch in horror as the entire tab begins to reload automatically, making you fill everything back again. Yes, it's infuriating to have that happen. Tab discarding is a useful feature that prevents low-spec computers from grinding to a standstill, but, it's not fun when you know your PC has enough resources for dozens of such tabs. Therefore, we need to dive briefly into the Chrome flags. Next, type Tab Discarding into the search box to bring up the automatic-tab-discarding flag. Step 2: Select Disabled from the drop-down menu next to the flag and click Relaunch Now.


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