My dog ate silica gel

My Child Ate Silica Gel

my dog ate silica gel

How To Tell If Your Dog Ate Rat Poison

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You turn your back and your dog has inhaled the entire bag of treats, including that itty-bitty sachet of who-knows-what that are included in every package of treats. The unscientific explanation is they are in there to keep stuff fresh. Could it hurt my dog? Heck, come to think of it could it be contaminating the jerky treats with something horrible? Google results: Nothing much, except a bunch of other hysterical pet parents.

In most dried food items, medications and even shoeboxes there is a little packet placed there by the manufacturer to maintain freshness. The purpose of these little packets is to either reduce moisture in the packaging or to absorb oxygen. Fortunately, most are harmless and require minimal or no veterinary care. However, one is a potential problem. Q: What is it? A: Silica is a hard porous gel that is made synthetically and utilized because of its high affinity for water.

Find out which freshness packets are toxic to dogs. Learn about symptoms and toxicity of iron, silica gel packets, charcoal and if they're poisonous to A: Silica gel is not intended for consumption and therefor receives the label do not eat.
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Silica gel is used to absorb moisture in many different products, and is usually packaged in plastic cylinders or paper packets. Silica gel is also used in certain cat litters to absorb moisture. While it is indeed true that it is not meant for consumption, silica gel usually produces only mild stomach upset, which typically resolves with minimal to no treatment. Your email address will not be published. Luckily, there are more ways than just adoption to help these pets feel loved, and Once you have determined that a pet sitter is the best solution for the care of your pets, hiring the right pet sitter is the next step.

Posted by Jeanne Bennett Dec 28, Pets 0. The one that you have heard so many horror stories about the effects that it could have on your dog. What do you do? Induce vomiting, rush him to the vet or maybe force him to drink a ton of water? Significant consumption poses health risks. Basically, the packs are neither poisonous nor toxic to either pets or humans. The real danger, however, is that they could lead to choking.

Silica gel is for packages, not pets

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Dog help! 1 year old JRT ate a Silica Gel pack!

Here at 5 things that you may have in your house right now, and that your dog may eat because, trust me, they have with very negative consequences. Those little silica gel packets are designed to absorb moisture, which keeps things like electronics functional from the factory to the warehouse to the store to you. One or two might not be a problem, but three or more, especially in a small dog, represent a potential obstruction in the stomach or small intestines. If you see your dog eat some of these packets, call your veterinarian for advice. Remember those hand warmer packets that saved your extremities on your last ski vacation? You crush or bend the packet, and magically it begins to give off heat? Next time, consider leaving the unused ones behind for the next guest at the ski lodge, because when dogs ingest them, they can give themselves a case of iron toxicosis.

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  1. Dogs might be tempted to eat silica gel packets, especially the kind packed with foods. Silica gel and beads are not toxic to dogs, but dyed.

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