Why are black people so fast

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why are black people so fast

'The Sports Gene': Author Tackles Controversial Aspect of Sports, Genes and Ethnicity

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Free open access. Here we explain a much avoided phenomenon in the evolution of speed sports for men and women: The world records in running tend to be set by black athletes and in swimming by white athletes. We show that this phenomenon is predictable from physics. Mass that falls from a higher altitude falls faster, down and forward. In running, the altitude L1 is set by the position of the center of mass above the ground.

Twenty-eight of the last 38 world record holders in the men's meter dash have been black athletes, and researchers at two universities think they know why. A new study by researchers at Howard University, a historically black school in Washington D. Physical differences in the length of the limbs and the structure of the body mean the center of gravity tends to be higher in the bodies of black people, the researchers say.
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They are your friends, neighbors and coworkers. They lurk in the shadows bouncing back and forth on the balls of their feet like a skilled double-dutch dancer ready to hop between the twirling ropes and derail any conversation about race, police brutality, politics, or white supremacy. They are opinionated, they are relentless, and they are everywhere. But what about the troops who fight for our freedoms? They actually believe black people refuse to acknowledge or admit we have shortcomings. I know.

Issues related to race and sports have been examined by scholars for a long time. Namibian formerly South-West Africa Frankie Fredericks became the first man of non-West African heritage to achieve the feat in and in Australia 's Patrick Johnson who has Irish and Indigenous Australian heritage became the first subsecond runner without an African background. In , Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre became the first white European under ten seconds although Poland 's Marian Woronin had unofficially surpassed the barrier with a time of 9. Some studies have claimed that biological factors may be largely responsible for the disproportionate success in sprinting events enjoyed by athletes of West African descent. Chief among these is a preponderance of natural fast twitch muscle fibers, which aid in quicker reaction times. Scientists have concluded that elite-level sprinting is virtually impossible in the absence of the ACTN3 protein, a "speed gene" most common among persons of West African descent that renders fast twitch muscle fibers fast. Many Nilotic groups also excel in long and middle distance running.

In the vein of being politically correct while trying to fight against white privilege by leveling the playing field, the new civil rights element of became white people using their privilege to help people of color by speaking for us. This method became mainstream, but for me is a point of contention. I found at times, these allies were offended when I, as a Black woman, was not, yet they were speaking for me. But how authentic is it for one person even in a gesture of goodwill to speak for another? After hearing a coworker say that she has educated her son about how he might have to use his privilege to speak for his Black friends if they are ever pulled over by the police, I was further disenchanted with the concept of white allies speaking for Black people. Yes, we know that privilege allows the same actions and words to be interpreted differently based on who does or says them, effectively altering the aftermath. If I relinquish my right to speak for myself and eventually what is said on my behalf to supposedly assist me is not to my liking or benefit who is to blame?

Is it wrong to note 100m winners are always black?

In the most comprehensive study of the biological differences between African and European athletes, Scandinavian researchers compared runners in Kenya and Denmark. Their findings confirm what observers have long suspected: that many Africans have greater stamina and speed than Europeans.

Scientists Theorize Why Black Athletes Run Fastest





speed sports for men and women: The world records in running tend to be set by black Mass that falls from a higher altitude falls faster, down and forward.
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  1. A new study reveals why black athletes may outperform athletes of other mean the center of gravity tends to be higher in the bodies of black people, "Asians and whites tend to have longer torsos, so their centers of gravity are lower. The height of a person's center of gravity affects how fast his feet are.

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