Supernatural season 10 episode 17

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 17 Review: “Inside Man”

supernatural season 10 episode 17

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 17 Review w/ Travis Aaron Wade & Ruth Connell - AfterBuzz TV

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Sometimes, a show grown man just needs a father figure and a single man tear. And tonight, Sam got just that when he and Castiel used a psychic to contact Bobby in heaven. How does that even make sense? That is until his eyes turn black in the bathroom—only briefly—and Rowena finds her way to the bar. Yep, after painting herself with a number of symbols—and accidentally exposing herself to her now-scarred son—Rowena manages to locate Dean. The way he sees it, she went there to kill Dean, so anything he did to her would be considered fair.

Sign in. See the list. Title: Inside Man 01 Apr Castiel comes back and he and Sam check out a lead on the Mark of Cain. They decide to go to Bobby for help. Meanwhile Dean and Rowena meet up. Start your free trial.

Dean's condition is worsening as his dreams torture him with Cain's revelation that Dean's story will end with killing Sam. Growing increasingly desperate for any kind of lead, Sam and Cas reach out to heaven for help, hoping to access Metatron and his knowledge about the Mark. When that proves to be a bust, they call on an old friend for help to break him out. One seance later and Sam is back in touch with Bobby, wiling away his hours in his own personal heaven, but now employed in busting out Metatron. Meanwhile, Rowena starts to move in on Dean when he takes himself off to a bar, determined to wipe him out to prevent Crowley from going soft. The return of a fan favourite character in Supernatural is always something to celebrate but it's a really special occasion when Bobby returns to the fold.

The tenth season of Supernatural , an American dark fantasy television series created by Eric Kripke , premiered on October 7, on The CW , and concluded on May 20, , consisting of 23 episodes.
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Sam and Castiel go to the playground with the portal to Heaven , where Hannah takes a temporary male vessel to talk to them. Sam tells Bobby about the Mark of Cain , and Castiel tells him how to find the escape hatch from his personal Heaven and then find and open the portal to Earth. Bobby looks around his house until he he finds a loose thread sticking out of a rug, pulling on it leads him out the escape hatch, setting off an alarm. To throw the angels off he lets out a bunch of other souls that are in the same corridor, all with the name Robert Singer and one Roberta Singer. In the chaos, Bobby slips away. He opens door 42, which is the portal to Earth.

Inside Man is the 17th episode of Season It aired on April 1, Sam and Castiel follow up on a lead about the Mark of Cain. Dean and Rowena guest star Ruth Connell meet. They perform a seance, Sam placing Bobby's old hat on the table.

Inside Man

Namely, it boils down to Rowena and her actions., Forgot your password? Don't have an account?

Supernatural season 10 episode 17 review: Inside Man



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