Vikings season 2 episode 9

"The Choice"

vikings season 2 episode 9

Vikings 2x9 REACTION!! "The Choice"

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We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you. While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the season 2 episode 9 of Vikings tonight. Ecbert reveals that as soon as King Aello returns he plans to attack. At their camp Ragnar is discussing the attack with King Horik, and he is not pleased. Horik reveals he never had any intention of negotiating with King Ecbert, he wants to kill him.

For instance, Ragnar Lothbrok and his nuclear family have been a very sterilised version of what the stories we have about the Vikings and we must remember that, for the most part, we have stories about how the Vikings acted, not reports from the Vikings themselves on their actions depict. The Lothbroks are not given to savagery, at least not without a point the inflicting of the Blood Eagle on Jarl Borg served a specific purpose as did the emasculation of Einar. What might have been a bit of mischief under Ragnar becomes a bloodbath of rape and butchery when left to these two. Especially since Europe is already suffering. So much of what we have seen thus far on the show has been so clean because it has taken place either in the open air of the Viking villages or in the very centre of Christian courts. What Michael Hirst has shown us far less of is the conditions that were fairly common at that time: subsistence-level existence for those who could get it and worse for others.

Sign in. Watch now. Title: The Choice 24 Apr Following the attack on King Ecbert's soldiers, King Horik pushes for a full-scale attack. Ragnar realizes he now has little choice but believes negotiation is the only solution. They proceed to battle with Horik arrogantly believing it can only end in victory. Ecbert is ready for them however.

Season 2 | Episode 9 Gustaf Skarsgard in Vikings () Ivan Kaye in Vikings ( ) Ivan Kaye and Sarah Greene Episode cast overview, first billed only.
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Vikings S02E "The Choice". The dude has nailed the subtlety of Ragnar ever since the pilot; he's fantastic. Political machinations were churning! Ragnar's biggest threat some pasty, porky English king, it's the pasty, porky King Horik. Regardless, it cost them.

Vikings season 4 episode 9 review: Death All Round

With the finale on the horizon, it appears that Ragnar's greatest challenge will come from within his own tribe. This week featured several memorable scenes from both the people of Scandinavia, as well as those living in Wessex. - Apr Posted by Arthur Harkness.





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  1. Episode 9 might have been "Vikings" most shocking episode yet. Find out what happened during "The Choice" here.

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