Chilly cow ice cream review

What Is Chilly Cow Ice Cream?

chilly cow ice cream review

We're more than a little ice cream-obsessed. When the team behind the brand new, low-cal ice cream brand Chilly Cow reached out to us and.

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Chilly Cow Half Pints and Bars are the newest addition to the low calorie ice cream party! While the Chilly Cow half pints are about calories, they still contain more sweeteners than your belly may be used to. Unlike Halo Top and Enlightened , they only have a few flavors. We honestly wish they had more flavors. Yes you could eat the whole pint of other low-calorie ice creams, but this is taking portion control a step further. Which we love! The Brown Butter Salted Caramel is our favorite.

Chilly Cow is made by Wells Enterprises, the folks behind Blue Bunny Ice Cream. I first spied it way back at the beginning of March. It was $
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Introducing Chilly Cow, a new brand of light ice cream that actually tastes like ice cream and exists to free the world from the soullessness of healthy desserts. Chilly Cow will hit grocery stores nationwide this month with amazing taste and texture, thanks to a game-changing ingredient: ultra-filtered milk. Crafted for people who are fed up with "healthy" dessert options that never taste as good as the real thing, Chilly Cow ditched the milk protein concentrate nonsense other lower-calorie products in the freezer aisle use, and instead uses ultra-filtered milk. Chilly Cow has 55 percent fewer calories, 70 percent less fat and 60 percent less sugar than regular ice cream. Ultra-delicious, ultra-creamy Chilly Cow ice cream will soon be available in seven flavors, including:. Chilly Cow ice cream is so delicious, you won't be able to help but eat the whole thing.

Pb swirl was good, would eat it on its own, Sweet cream was to But i expect lowsugar stuff to be hard, always have to wait for it to melt. Swirled up, easier to eat, didnt notice it being slimy. But you lose the PB so it is pointless. I saw these at my local Shoprite and was intrigued by the Brownie Batter but i didnt purchase them when i realized it wasnt ice cream. Paid full price I was so excited.

Meet Chilly Cow: New, Light Ice Cream That Actually Tastes Like Ice Cream

Health-conscious people who also happen to love ice cream have a lot of options these days thanks to the plethora of brands offering healthier alternatives. - When the team behind the brand new, low-cal ice cream brand Chilly Cow reached out to us and asked us if we ' d like to give their flavors a try, we pushed away all of our preconceived notions about low-calorie ice cream and eagerly took them up on the offer.

Chilly Cow Is a New, Low-Calorie Ice Cream Brand That Actually Tastes Amazing








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