Nice pipes after shark tank

NicePipes: What Happened To Leg and Arm Warmers After Shark Tank

nice pipes after shark tank

NicePipes Apparel After Shark Tank – Update. By . Lori said that she liked the product, but she sees it as a nice business for Lisa.

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NicePipes Apparel provides leg and arm warmers perfect for any workout. Their products include arm warmers and leg warmers, in both knee and thigh length. Binderow counters 25 percent, which Corcoran declines. Ultimately, she walks away without accepting the offer. She came for promo. The sharks didn't call her on it, though. I like nicepipes , but for me, the name doesn't really fit the product.

The idea behind it? Lisa thought that if she had this problem, others must too and wanted to find a solution. As soon as she wore her pipes around the studios her students and fellow instructors wanted their own pair of pipes…and so a business was born. As for Lisa, the experience gave her a new sense of accomplishment and renowned dedication to building her brand. Her time on Shark Tank was no different.

Lisa, the entrepreneur behind NicePipes Apparel, had been in the fitness industry for years before going into business for herself. She was a yoga teacher who was looking for a new way to keep warm in the winter on the way back to her house from her class. Lisa ends up designing her own arm and leg warmers out of the same material as yoga pants. She sold them on her website and out of her apartment until she made it onto Shark Tank. Lisa Binderow walked out onto the stage and into the Shark Tank.

NicePipes Apparel After Shark Tank – 2018 Update

Shark Tank - "NicePipes"

NicePipes: What Happened To Leg and Arm Warmers After Shark Tank

Nicepipes entered the Shark Tank in Season 8 with its leg and arm warmers made from the same fabric as yoga pants. We interviewed its founder, Lisa Binderow, who explained there is nothing quite like her accessories on the market. A post shared by nicepipes apparel nicepipesapparel on Oct 24, at pm PDT. I was walking to the studio one morning to teach my class, and it was so cold out and I was freezing in my cropped workout pants. They slip down and are terrible after a sweaty work out. So, I designed Nicepipes — leg and arm warmers made from the same awesome fabric as yoga pants.

There were months of preparing to be on the popular program, getting to know her business inside and out. She had to figure out its exact valuation and calculate how much funding she would request. And she had to perfect her pitch, anticipating any questions that might come from a wary group of investors. After all that, Binderow still walked away without a deal. It felt like climbing a mountain. The results have been so much greater than we ever anticipated. The takeaway is that anyone who appears on the show—deal or no deal—has to be prepared for the publicity that it will bring.

However, after negotiating back and forth, I politely declined and walked away from the deal. But, under those hot lights and with the cameras rolling, I had a moment of clarity -- I didn't start nicepipes to make a million dollars. - Great opportunity to give back and have your efforts quadrupled!!


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