Front wheel vs rear wheel drive lawn mower

The Physics of a Front Wheel Drive Lawn Mower

front wheel vs rear wheel drive lawn mower

A self-propelled mower can help maintain a lush, healthy lawn with little to no hassle. The latest models are available in three drive types: front-wheel.

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By Steve Holdgren. Self-propelled lawnmowers have two types of drive: front wheel and rear wheel. But what does that mean, and which one is better? What type of lawn do you have? If you have a lawn with inclines, then choose a rear wheel drive mower. If you have flat terrain, then either choice is fine. Both rear wheel drive and front wheel drive mowers maintain traction on flat land.

Drive is one of the important options you need to consider when purchasing a lawn mower. Advantages exist to both rear- and front-wheel drive lawn mowers, but many people prefer rear-wheel drive, according to Yardcare. Generally speaking, rear-wheel drive gives you more traction and makes it easier to mow a straight line. Front-wheel drive models tend to be less expensive and can be more maneuverable because you can easily tip the mower onto its back wheels to stop or change directions. However, this advantage is somewhat dulled by the fact that many rear-wheel drive mowers allow users to easily control speed and disengage the drive, making turns just as easy as a front-wheel drive model.

Instead of requiring you to put forth all the effort to get your mower moving, self- propelled mowers use a set of drive wheels, either front or rear.
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I am in a market for a new lawn mower. I am a little torn between a Toro personal pace, rear wheel drive and a Toro front wheel drive. I had never used a rear wheel drive before. When I used my old lawn mower, to change directions, I would push the handle bar down. That would raise the front wheels and allows me to change direction with the rear wheels on the ground. I personally don't see any adventage of a rear wheel drive.

In my previous post, I looked at the quiet part. Now, I will look at the front wheel drive aspect of this mower. Just to be clear, the Craftsman mower was provided by Craftsman for this review. I have had a Toro walk behind mower for quite some time this one is maybe years old. It's a fine mower, but there is a big difference between this and the Craftsman mower. Both mowers have a type of self propelled wheels, but the Craftsman drives the front wheels and the Toro uses the back wheels. Does this matter?

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Front wheel drive vs. rear wheel drive

The Advantages of Rear- or Front-Wheel Drive in Walk-Behind Mowers

Reversing direction is easier. Manuevering advantage to front wheel drive: To stop forward movement, push down on handle to lift front wheels off the ground; from this position, you can easily turn or back up. There is no advantage except cost in a FWD mower, and you pay much more than the difference over a couple of years in downtime, parts and aggravation. Approaching a turn-around, you let go of the bail, which disconnects the drive. At the same time you push down on the handle to raise the front wheels and you pivot.




Mower Showdown: Front-Wheel vs. Rear-Wheel vs. All-Wheel Drive Mowers




Self-propelled lawn mowers aren't as simple as you might think. Although modern mowers might There's a reason why front-wheel drive mowers are less expensive than rear-wheel drive models. To drive the mower Set vs. Variable Speed.
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