The rock vs ken shamrock vs mankind steel cage

WWF Sunday Night Heat Results

the rock vs ken shamrock vs mankind steel cage

Perhaps a Steel Cage? Breakdown September 27, Steel Cage Match The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind. HOW IT WENT.

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Earlier this month, we looked at the Top 50 Ladder Matches , a gimmick that was only popularized in the s. But the steel cage? That's been around MUCH longer. According to many sources, the first steel cage match took place in June between Jack Broomfield and Count Petro Rossi. The structure was apparently held together by chicken wire, and it set the standard for the ultimate "grudge ender" to particularly nasty rivalries. The idea of two or more competitors being kept away from the outside world and interference has always been a great attraction. To be clear

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After capturing the Intercontinental Championship in a star-making performance against The Rock at Summerslam , Hunter had gone down with a knee injury and had been forced to sit this one out. Meanwhile, The Rock's career remained unscathed despite the Summerslam loss. Speaking of that title, reigning champion Stone Cold Steve Austin was set to put it on the line against Kane and The Undertaker, a match that served as the latest chapter in his on-going battle with the evil overlord, Vince McMahon. With that, it was onto our opening contest. Edge vs.

[] "A solid triple threat match. The first steel cage triple threat actually, and it worked pretty well here. The Rock was still on his road to.
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Sign in. See the list. The New Kane vs. The Rock vs. Mankind, D-Generation X vs. The Headbangers

Breakdown: In Your House

Survivor Series was a show guaranteed to deliver a moment or two that would keep audiences talking about World Wrestling Entertainment's unprecedented hot streak. - Steve Blackman vs. Ken Shamrock

Mankind vs The Rock vs Ken Shamrock

We find out the answer at "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" and the following night's episode of "Raw," so listen along as Adam from NitroMania joins the show to break it all down! Mideon Goldust vs. McMahon, "Stone Cold" may have gotten the better of him last night, but the chairman has another trick up his sleeve when he appoints a special guest referee for the main event of "WrestleMania": new WWF signee Paul Wight! Bob Holly defends his Hardcore Title against Steve Blackman, but then he receives a surprise after the match when a former tag team partner returns after a six-month absence. Enjoying the Podcast?

The event comprised twelve professional wrestling matches with outcomes predetermined by WWF script writers. The matches involved wrestlers portraying their characters in planned storylines that took place before, during and after the event. He then confronted Austin, who attacked him. The Undertaker and Kane broke up the attack and later that night interfered in Austin's match with Ken Shamrock. With the help of The Rock and Mankind , Austin fought off the attackers and chased after McMahon, who was watching from the aisle. After the match, Austin hit The Undertaker and Kane with a chair.

The Rock vs Ken Shamrock vs Mankind steel cage







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  1. Another match at the event was a Triple Threat match in a steel cage between Ken Shamrock, Mankind and The Rock to determine the number-one contender to.

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