Top of the rock sinkhole

DNR report reveals cause of massive Top of the Rock sinkhole

top of the rock sinkhole

Sinkhole on Missouri Golf Course Uncovers Amazing Underworld - NBC Nightly News

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A news release described the new lodge as a wilderness resort whose "soaring timber-and-stone-clad structure will sit directly on the edge of" the Cathedral of Nature. Some of the guests will be able to view the sinkhole's limestone spires from their rooms. Construction of the lodge, which will have more than rooms each with its own fireplace is scheduled to begin this summer, according to the news release. No cost estimate was provided. Morris founded nearby Big Cedar Lodge as a fishing resort more than 30 years ago and has continued to develop the area with outdoor-related amenities. The sinkhole formed on a portion of the driving range, and Morris, a cave enthusiast, decided to excavate it rather than filling it in. So far, crews have removed 70, truckloads of dirt and rock, expanded the opening from 70 feet to feet, and dug out the base of the rock spires to a depth of feet.

The hole, which is 80 feet wide and 35 feet deep in some places, was created by two separate sinkholes that formed near the entrance to Top of the Rock golf course near the resort town of Branson, Martin MacDonald, conservation director for Bass Pro Shops, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.
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Nearly a year has gone by and that sinkhole at the top of the rock is only getting bigger. The immense size is a source of amazement and topic of conversation at this week's Legends Tournament. When the hole was first discovered it was measured at 70 by 40 feet in diameter. Now it's 26 times bigger, by feet and feet deep. It would take more than half-billion of golf balls to fill in the hole. McDonald says, "This is one of the key attractions of the Legends of Golf. Not only do we have the legends of golf tournament going on, but we've got a geological attraction to boot.

New Resort to be Built Alongside Top of the Rock Sinkhole

Big Cedar Lodge Top of the Rock Sinkhole Update

Experts say Top of the Rock sinkhole is stable

The report by the Missouri Department of Natural Resource's Environmental Geology section also advised the golf course owners to fill the sinkhole with rocks and install a plastic liner on top of a clay barrier to prevent future sinkholes from forming. Related: Four sinkholes open up on golf course near Branson. Bass Pro Shops owns the golf course at Ridgedale, south of Branson. He declined to elaborate about what ongoing investigations at the site might have revealed. A week after the sinkhole formed, Mac Donald confirmed that water flowing into the sinkhole had made its way into a cave that Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris explored on the property 12 years ago. The spectacular sinkhole, estimated to be 60 feet in diameter and 30 to 40 feet deep, drew national media attention after it formed in the early hours of May

The search for the opening to a cave at the bottom of the sinkhole continues. But Johnny Morris may have found the foundation for a new addition to the course. When the sinkhole opened up in , it was 70 feet wide 40 feet deep. After all, water that ran into the initial opening in came out a cave on the other end of the property. For now, the search alone is enough for some.



Massive sinkhole opens up in the middle of a golf course





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