How long does it take to watch the office

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how long does it take to watch the office


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Caption: NBC. Nobody saw The Office sticking around for too long. The first season in was, if not a failure, then certainly a disappointment. Nobody does British humor better than the British, and mercilessly dark comedy proved to be a tough sell for mainstream network American audiences. Over time, though, the show grew into its own skin, bringing heart to its humor. Regional manager Michael Scott, played so perfectly by Steve Carell, is the comic—and often emotional—center of the show.

That means you only have a year and a half left to watch the whole series over and over again on repeat forever, on Netflix. In January , the show will be moving over to NBC's new streaming service in a five year deal. Netflix itself announced the news on Twitter with a tweet about how sad the streaming service is to lose one of its most-watched titles, resulting in a delightful thread of Office gifs wondering things like, "How dare you? It's an Office Reunion! But before we all start deeming NBC the new Toby Flenderson, let's all think about the fact that it's leaving one streaming service simply so it can go to another, and we all know we'll all be signing up for that streaming service, especially if it will allow us to watch The Office.

A few weeks ago, I tweeted that I was looking for fans of The Office who can't stop, won't stop rewatching the series, and that they should email me if they'd like to contribute to an article about their obsession. But why? Through emails from fans and talking to experts in psychology and media, I set out to find out why exactly rewatching The Office is such A Thing. I get loving The Office. That part is totally understandable. After Season 1, NBC re-ran the entire six-episode season, and flipping around my parents' non-cable TV while bored one evening led me to find what is now my favorite comedy of all time.

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Home current About. Watching 2 Hours a Day it would take. What if you watched 2 4 6 8 or 10 Hours a day? Similar TV Series. The Office series released The everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of the fictional Dunder The Office series released The Office is a British sitcom television series,the programme is about the day-to-day lives of offi It follows the liv

Can You Be Addicted To Watching ‘The Office’? Here’s Why You Actually Can’t Get Enough

Your Complete Guide to Binge-Watching 'The Office'

For many of us, choosing what movie or show to watch revolves around just how much time we have to spare. After all, the last thing we want to do is fire up a show and have to turn it off before it ends. The suspense of how it finishes would be terrible, but so too would being late to wherever it is we have to be. The run time is listed on the back of DVDs and available online, but sometimes a decision needs to be made quickly. Especially when it comes to a TV series, or perhaps a series of movies you are looking at binging, adding up the lengths for multiple episodes or sequels can be tedious and inefficient.

The news has created a panic among Netflix users, who have grown accustomed to having access to all the episodes of The Office for years. Luckily, there is still plenty of time for you to watch the entire series before Netflix gives it the boot.

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The Office is one of the most revered comedies of all time. The ensemble cast of The Office is addictive, impossible not to love and the true reason you need to watch this show. You have the hangdog Kevin, scarily authoritarian Angela and possible serial killer Creed, amongst many other unique personalities that make the show consistently hilarious. Their daily workplace struggles and feuds are escalated to ridiculous proportions, usually by their boss Michael Scott or the beet-farming Dwight, both of them as obnoxious and clueless as they are easy to love. For the first time, the characters are likable, humorous and deeply endearing.

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