Is it cheaper to live in florida or california

The most expensive places to live in America

is it cheaper to live in florida or california

I live in Florida (East coast near Cape Canaveral). The cost of living perhaps cheaper than CA, but, it all depends on the lifestyle you live.

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New York State is one. There are also other states that we rarely ever get an order from from. Utah is one of those. For the first few years after the first edition of the book was first published in , California was a state that we would get some orders from occasionally but the number was extremely small for its size. After all, California is the most populated state in the US, yet very few people seemed interested in moving from there to Florida.

Three years ago this summer I moved to Sarasota from California. It was a big lifestyle change going from a big house on a ranch property in the Sierra Nevada mountains, far from everything, to a small house in a beach town, close to everything. We considered a lot of states and cities in them for our new home. Florida was attractive because of its low taxes and relatively less intrusive government. We fell in love with Sarasota over several visits because of its beauty, great cultural amenities, nice people, and, well the list of reasons it too long. And because of New College, but more on that later.

There are some places in America where you can expect to pay a premium on everything — from food to your fuel bill. Out-of-control living expenses in some of these places may make it difficult for you and your family to enjoy the best possible quality of life. That is because companies seeking to recruit the best possible workforce know that low costs can be a great way to attract talent. We rank all 50 states based on an index of basic items including average home and food prices, monthly energy bills and health costs. That gives us not only the cheapest states to live in but also the most expensive ones.

California Vs Florida Which is a Better Place to Live or Retire?

As most of us already know, an equal salary can stretch much further in one place than in another. - Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

7 most expensive states to live in the U.S.

The average high in Los Angeles in December is 68 degrees, with lows in the 40s. Unless your idea of a fun Sunday afternoon is taking a dip in bone-chilling industrial sludge. Florida has a seemingly endless supply of fresh drinking water thanks to our complex system of underground aquifers. In Florida, high-speed chases involve off duty cops going mph on the Turnpike. In California, they generally involve a guy with outstanding parking tickets who did a little too much meth.

Our Premium Calculator Includes: - Compare Cities cost of living across 9 different categories - Personal salary calculations can optionally include Home ownership or rental, Child care, and Taxes with details on state and local sales, income, property and automobile taxes - Includes the cost of Child Care for toddlers or infants, at a day care center or home care - Groceries prices, detailed for 29 staple items in six categories - Difference in cost of Utilities, including electric, gas and fuel oil - Health Care Premiums and hospital expenses for major surgeries - Taxes, Fees and Expenses you should know about, such as local car insurance rates, automobile taxes and registration, commuting costs. Includes Cost of Living compares for child care, utilities, transportation, health, taxes, housing for home owners vs renters, weather, insurance premiums and so much more. Before moving to a new city you want to know how much it will cost to live there. The price of goods and services vary from one city to another, calculating the cost of living will help you determine how much more or less you need to make and help you factor in expenses. The expenses that go in to determining cost of living include housing prices for renters or homeowners, housing affordability, entertainment costs, transportation expenses, food prices, and taxes. A cost of living index allows you to compare what it costs to live in one place against another, helping you get a glimpse of how far your money will go before you move. Our goal with the Cost of Living Calculator is to help you feel more confident in deciding where to live and help you find your best place to live.




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  1. Overall, Los Angeles, California is % more expensive than Orlando, Florida - Median Home Cost is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference. - Median.

  2. Do California Wildfires, Taxes, Droughts, Etc., Have You Thinking Of So although Florida is an expensive place to live compared to most.

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