1943 copper penny 1.7 million

Rare penny sold for $1.7 million

1943 copper penny 1.7 million

$1,700,000.00 PENNY. How To Check If You Have One! - US Mint Error Coins Worth BIG Money

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A rare copper penny, considered a 'holy grail' in coins, has been found in a boy's lunch money. The Lincoln penny is made up of copper and has been described as the "most famous" coin made in error, according to Heritage Auctions, which is auctioning off the coin. Only 20 were ever made and for years the U. We have compiled a roster of all specimens certified by the two leading grading services below, including an unknown number of resubmissions and crossovers. In the s, copper was considered a strategic metal, largely because of World War II, as it was used to make shell casings, telephone wire and other wartime necessities.

A one-of-a-kind U.S. penny struck in the wrong metal was sold by a New Jersey dealer for $ million, with the proceeds going to charity. Laura Sperber, president of Legend Numismatics of Lincroft, N.J., said the coin, the only known penny mistakenly cast in bronze at the.
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Most coin collectors know that the Lincoln Wheat Penny is made out of steel because the US government needed that pressure copper for ammunition during World War II. The steel pennies stand out because they have a silvery color instead of the typical copper color of the rest of the Lincoln cents The US mint destroyed a lot of these coins before the decade was over because they stood out too much, but you can still find them at online auctions for about a dollar. The best way to test your possible copper penny is to put a magnet on it. Any steel Penny will be attracted to the magnet, and a copper penny will not. Another trick some scammers will do is to take a Lincoln penny and shave off half the eight so it looks like a three. Consult the image below to get an idea of this result. The genuine should show the bottom of the three coming down below the four, while the fake will show the bottom of the three at the same level as the bottom of the four.

Rare penny found in cafeteria change to sell at auction

1943 Lincoln Cent Steel Penny Value - Do You Have A 1943 Silver Penny Worth $3,000?

'Holy grail' found: Rare penny might be worth $1.7M after it was found in boy's lunch money

However, some bronze planchets left over from slipped into the production process. These error coins are extremely rare and highly sought after by error coin collectors. According to a press release, it was successfully acquired by Legend after "determined negotiations" with an East Coast dealer representing the seller who is described only as "a long-time collector," according to Legend President Laura Sperber. Simpson said, 'It's a beautiful coin. When the United States Mint manufactures coins, they are produced within tight tolerances as defined by law.

A Massachusetts teenager found a rare penny in his lunch change and kept it for more than seven decades until his recent death without ever knowing it may be one of the most valuable US coins of all time. The Lincoln penny one of 20 accidentally pressed in copper that year was discovered by year-old Don Lutes Jr. To preserve it, pennies in were made of zinc-coated steel but a small number of blanks made primarily of copper were caught in mint presses and accidentally circulated. Rumors also swirled that car mogul Henry Ford would give a new automobile to anyone who could give him one of the elusive coins although the myth was later proven false. Lutes, who heard the rumors about winning a car from Ford, was told the coin he found was worth nothing. But he nevertheless kept it in his personal collection for more than 70 years, until he died in September.

It's the only known example of a dated Lincoln cent incorrectly struck in a copper alloy at the Denver Mint. Zinc-coated steel was being used for pennies in to conserve copper for other uses during World War II, and this one was mistakenly struck on a bronze coin disc left over from

"Mr. Simpson said, 'It's a beautiful coin.' As he held it he reminisced about the 'copper' Lincoln cent he found in change when he was a.
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