Which is better to join army or marines

13 Pros And Cons Of Joining The Marines

which is better to join army or marines

Should I Join the Army or Marines?

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The Marine Corps was founded on Nov. Over the next couple of centuries, the inter-branch, verbal slap-boxing evolved into the passionate, "all in good fun" fight we know today. The munitions for these verbal attacks are often exaggerated, sometimes malicious, but always spawn from some truth. Whether it's your living standards or your vernacular, one thing is for certain, Marines will let you know what they think of you and in the case of the U. Army, we will be heard. Every Marine has the experience of going home on leave and finding themselves in a bar probably with some friends from high school when suddenly, it happens: The sound of a young soldier detailing the trials and tribulations of his day-to-day in the Army, culminating in the statement, "Army, Marines; it's all the same shit.

Which Branch of the Military Should I Join? Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard?

Marine Corps. Those that do will tell you that there are some amazing pros and unfortunate cons that will become evident during an enlistment.

Marines are much better trained then their Army counter part. If you are looking for a job then join the army but if you are looking to change your life, become a.
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  1. Let's look at the facts, forget the hollow nonsense Marines are told in boot camp or the stuff in the movies. Before you read the factual article.

  2. Deciding to join the military should require some internal questioning. In asking yourself . Additionally, their "quality of life" is generally better (better housing, quarters, etc.). However Here Is a Look at the Things to Consider When Joining the Marines U.S. Military - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

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