Oneplus 6 vs galaxy s9 plus

OnePlus 6 vs. Galaxy S9: This Couldn't Be Closer

oneplus 6 vs galaxy s9 plus

If you're in the market for a flagship phone today, should you get the Galaxy S9+ or consider the OnePlus 6? And does the story change at all if.

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I can tell you up front that the Galaxy S9 Plus offers a whole lot more than the OnePlus 6, but at a sizable price difference. Many users may not utilize many of the Galaxy S9 Plus features as most people are usually just looking for the best processor, a great display, a great camera, and decent battery life — and they both have these features. While the OnePlus 6 is a sharp-looking smartphone with a notch in its display, the Galaxy S9 Plus takes design and looks to a whole new level. With such a price difference, one might think these devices would have nothing in common. They both use the same SD processor, an Adreno processor, 6GB of RAM, a 64GB base of storage, dual cameras, almost the same size battery with fast charge support, and they are even close in their physical dimensions.

At a launch event in London, OnePlus unveiled its most ambitious flagship yet. Not only does the phone cost far less than the competition, but it marks a big step forward for the Chinese brand in terms of design too. Both handsets pack the best specs going and should prove two of the fastest Android phones come the end of the year. In terms of the display, the S9 stands out as the comfortable winner — on the spec pages, at least. Battery sizes are fairly similar across both devices, with the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus sitting at mAh and mAh respectively.

The OnePlus 6 is arguably the best flagship you can buy without spending a flagship price. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus , on the other hand, brings all the bells and whistles you could want, and a price that reflects it. Samsung has had this design for several years , but in many smartphone OEMs jumped on the trend. Both devices feature rounded corners and lots of curves, giving them a sleek appearance and better ergonomics. The main difference between these two displays is the resolution. Whether you're just casually browsing the web, checking social media, multitasking, or playing high-end games, the OnePlus 6 and S9 Plus handle any task you throw at them with ease.

OnePlus has been around only since late , but in less than five years, the company has carved out a niche selling flagship-caliber phones for bargain prices. But given that big of a gap in price, some customers might be wonder where the catch is with OnePlus' phone. What exactly do you miss out on by going with the cheaper device? What, if anything, do you gain? The OnePlus 6 resembles a mishmash of various cues from flagship phones in You've got your iPhone X -style notch up top, thin bezels all around, a back made of Gorilla Glass 5 that doesn't really look like glass, and an extra-tall AMOLED display front and center. There's no knocking OnePlus' build quality or use of materials here.

OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9: Which should you buy?

OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - Speed Test!

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You like big screens and you cannot lie — and the recently revealed OnePlus 6 has one of the biggest in the business. With tip-top performance and the latest technology, both phones are amazing choices — but which one deserves your hard-earned money? We took a look to find out. The Galaxy S9 Plus is rocking a larger battery, but the lower resolution on the OnePlus 6 should see some power savings there. While the OnePlus 6 has a larger amount of RAM, the performance impact from that is likely to be minimal.

Phone Comparisons: OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus




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