What is a splinter party


what is a splinter party

English[edit]. Noun[edit]. splinter party (plural splinter parties). A political party formed by members of an existing one whose views or policies differ from those of.

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Third party politicians tend to be more ideological than Republicans or Democrats because they do not have to play to the American middle. When two major political parties dominate in most elections and consequently dominate elected office. America's democratic system is predominantly a two party system. This means that two major political parties dominate in most elections and consequently dominate elected office. Currently, the two major American parties are the Democratic and Republican parties, although the top two parties change over time. A third party is any party that supports a candidate for election other than the two major political parties; at the current moment, a third party would be any party other than the Democratic and Republican parties.

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A splinter party separates from a major political party, such as Republicans and Democrats, as well as from religious denominations.
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The establishment of a new political party would not only fail to advance the feminist agenda but would have negative consequences for the Democrats, the one major party that has taken the issues advocated by NOW seriously. History provides some depressing examples of the futile and self-defeating results that are produced when a group of passionate people decide that insufficient attention is being paid to their concerns and sets up shop in the hope that they can get their own candidates elected. Sometimes these zealots are correct in their assertions that the major parties are evading the issues they care about, but in virtually every case, they end up advancing the cause of their worst enemies. The best case for the establishment of an independent party came in the s and s when neither the Democrats nor the other major party, the Whigs, was confronting the issue of slavery at the national level. Anti-slavery Democrats in states like New York felt particularly frustrated by the unwillingness of their presidential standard-bearers to antagonize the Southern wing of the party. The anti-slavery activists broke off from the Democrats and established the Free-Soil Party. Their most conspicuous impact on politics was that in the presidential election of , the Free-Soilers split the Democratic vote in New York and delivered the electoral votes of the most populous state to Zachary Taylor, a conservative Southern Whig who was no friend of the anti-slavery movement.

When Political Parties Splinter

A group, such as a religious sect or political faction, that has broken away from a parent group. Switch to new thesaurus.




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