What to wear to the grand canyon in april

What to Wear for Grand Canyon's Weather Above & Below-the-Rim

what to wear to the grand canyon in april

grand canyon what to wear layers It can also get cool in the winter, so if you're visiting between November and April, consider packing a.


We will be bringing two kids a teenager and seven year old and like most people will be using the shuttle to get to various points in the park and hope to go on at least a few hikes. We are all equipped with good hiking shoes, but could use some advice on what to wear. We expect we'll need to layer but should we bring more than fleece jackets? Long pants or will capris leggings suffice for us girls? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Me and my family are going also, leaving march We are first time hikers as well so would like to know what are some things that we should take.

Depending on the weather or time of year and your planned activities the clothing items, types of jackets and shoes you want to pack will vary. Because of the extreme differences in temperatures during the mornings, nights and afternoons, it is suggested that visitors bring a variety of clothing with them for every temperature or weather possibility. Having a good idea of what the weather is like and watching the forecasts ahead of time will help you plan your vacation packing. Check out the immediate 5 day forecast and seasonal temperatures. Vast differences in heat and cold extremes can cause distress to visitors who do not come prepared to deal with a variety of temperatures. Like the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, the North Rim can also be extremely hot and fluctuate to a much lower temperature at night and early morning hours. Below are some basic guidelines to help you choose what to pack for various activities during the summer or winter months.

Our season runs year round, please keep in mind the season of your trip when packing, not all of this list will apply to your trip. Spring, fall and winter temperatures vary greatly from day to night and from sun to shade. Dressing in layers is the key to warmth and comfort. The price of the trip includes all necessary gear: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, trekking poles, water filtration, bowls, cups, stove, cookware. However, you are more than welcome to use your own backpack, tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad if you would like, provided they are the appropriate size and weight for the trip. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Time limit is exhausted.

How to Pack for a Trip to the Grand Canyon

5 tips when visiting Grand Canyon in April

What to wear in late March? - Grand Canyon National Park Forum

After months of Grand Canyon trip planning, you're on the verge of the trip of a lifetime. One critical piece of final preparation is researching and selecting the gear you'll need to keep your family safe and protected from the challenging weather conditions in and around the park. Grand Canyon's weather can sidetrack your plans if you're not prepared. Most people think the weather at the Grand Canyon is hot and dry, and well, that assumption is accurate approximately half of the time. The reality is the temperature and conditions vary widely depending on the time of day and whether you're on the canyon rim 7, feet or hiking down into the canyon base is at 2, feet. April and May can be extremely windy, with gusts often in the 40 mph range.

We have a great day trip planned for April 1st. We are flying in and out of Albquerque and have hotels as follows:. Durango - 2 nights.


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  1. Answer 1 of 5: We have a great day trip planned for April 1st. We are United States; Arizona (AZ); Grand Canyon National Park; Grand Canyon National Park Travel Forum. Browse all Pack casual clothes that you can wear in layers.

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