What is the all time most downloaded android app

The 100 Best Android Apps for 2019

what is the all time most downloaded android app

Top 10 Most Downloaded Games On Play Store - Pubg Mobile - Coc - Free Fire

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If you haven't already guess by that number, there is an app for everything! While all this sounds glorious, there are many and we mean many apps that are just a cheap or not so cheap gimmick to show ads and earn money. So, in this undifferentiated jungle of applications, how do you judge an app to actually be worth it? You can tell if an app is trustworthy by the number of downloads it has. WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most downloaded instant messaging app for Android and other smartphone users. The app was launched in by ex-Yahoo employees as a small start-up.

Since the introduction of the Play Store in , more than a billion android devices have registered and downloaded the top applications for more than 10 million times. Unlike other android app stores, Play store is inbuilt into every android OS, therefore allowing secure installs and access to app features while maintaining necessary security and privacy of user data. Each android app published by developers goes through a tough screening text to exclude any malicious code. Here are the 20 most downloaded Android Apps of all time. The official app for Facebook the largest social network stands at the top with approximately 1 billion downloads. Users can log in through their Facebook credentials to access their accounts while the app automatically notifies their social activity.

WhatsApp topped the list with the most downloads last quarter with more than million new installs. The full ranking of the top 10 most downloaded publishers is below. Messenger was the second best performing app by downloads worldwide in Q1 with close to million installs. The next highest performing app was TikTok , followed by Facebook and Instagram. The top 10 apps were the same as the previous quarter, with the top five all retaining their rankings from Q4

Jul 5, Ever wanted to know what are the most popular Android apps? Here are the most popular Google Play Store apps of all time.
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Internet Security. So we wanted to take a step back and look at some of the all-time most popular Android apps in the Google Play Store. However, while it's not perfect, we believe there are multiple reasons not to delete Facebook. Read More , it still reigns supreme. Not everyone is happy though. It has nearly 10 million one-star ratings.

The list of most-downloaded Google Play applications includes most of the free apps that have been downloaded more than million times and most of the paid apps that have been downloaded over one million times on unique Android devices. There are numerous Android apps that have been downloaded over one million times from the Google Play app store and it was reported in July that there are apps which have been downloaded at least million times and 4, apps have been downloaded at least ten million times. Many of the applications in this list are distributed pre-installed on top-selling Android devices [2] and may be considered bloatware by some people because users did not actively choose to download them. These lists are of the apps in Google Play Store that are free, and have at least million downloads on unique Android devices. Only seven apps have crossed the 5 billion downloads mark. All seven of these apps are owned by Google and come preinstalled.

The Google Play store contains more than 2. Don't waste your time trying to sort through all of them on your own. We've picked out the best apps for your Android phone , informed by our long history of covering the platform. We organized our collection of apps into 14 categories, including music, productivity, security, and utilities, so it's easy to find the kind of apps you're looking for. Each app name also links to the Google Play page. Note that we don't include any games in this roundup; for those, check out our separate list of the best Android games.

The most popular Android apps of all time will shock you (lol, not really)

The most-downloaded Android apps of all time are exactly what you’d expect



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