Logan paul ksi diss track

Logan Paul

logan paul ksi diss track

W2S - Ricegum Sucks Ft. KSI (Diss Track) Official Video

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What started off as a little internet beef quickly escalated into a serious money-making event, with fans even being able to buy tickets to see the fight up close. Well make sure you're sitting comfortably and get ready to write down some notes because this is one long and messy history:. Virtual hell gradually breaks loose and before you know it, Logan and KSI agree to fight each other and so do Deji and Jake. I'm on the A-side. I'm the one who proves I can fight on a global stage.

The two social media influencers will touch gloves in Manchester on Saturday night. The pair will meet in the ring on Saturday night in Manchester to settle their long-running feud. But KSI took time out of his training regime to film diss track On Point which immediately went viral, racking up millions of views on YouTube. The video begins with a Paul look-a-like taking a walk through a forest with his friends - a clear reference to Paul's controversial video which showed him laughing at a dead body in Japan's 'suicide forest'. Paul is accompanied by actors playing his entourage - a bearded man as his manager, a dwarf as his friend Eric and a woman who plays his assistant. His manager then falls to the ground, covering himself in mud, leaving the rest of the cast laughing and chanting, "brown nose" - which appears to hypnotise viewers.

On Saturday 25 August, two YouTube stars will fight each other in a 21,capacity arena in Manchester, UK, despite neither being a professional fighter. They are two of the most famous YouTubers of all time, thought to be earning millions from ads against channels boasting hundreds of millions of views. It's insane to think that a platform once beloved for comical home videos is now the promotion vehicle for a Hunger Games-style battle. How did we get here? A clip from Logan Paul's notorious video from Japan's suicide forest. As Amelia Tait, a digital culture journalist who has written extensively about YouTube, explained to us, this has come about because of the way YouTube rewards views.

On Saturday, two YouTubers stepped into the ring to settle their differences with their fists.
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Between pay-per-view YouTube earnings, live ticket costs, sponsors, and merchandise, the event likely brought in millions of dollars. Logan Paul is a super-popular YouTuber with more than 18 million subscribers. You may know him as the guy who vlogged a dead body in Japan. His younger brother, Jake Paul, is also a YouTuber with nearly as many subscribers. KSI has even more subscribers 19 million, to be exact and is British. It's kinda their thing.

Things are heating up between Logan Paul and KSI as the single digit countdown to their boxing match begins, this time in the form of diss tracks. When I'm done with you, you won't have that much to live for You'll be on the streets, here's some change take a nickel. Logan, who has been relatively calm as KSI goes off on him and his family, finally took the bait. Even if that wasn't pretty lame, he closed it dancing with brother Jake to "Fuck You, Logan" and a call to buy merch. Things are continuing to heat up between the two YouTubers and their fans.

KSI vs Logan Paul: The diss track battle before official match

The fight ended in a majority draw , with two judges scoring it 5757 and the other 5857 in favour of KSI. -






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