Is bill cosby in jail

Bill Cosby's spokesman says the comedian thinks prison is an 'amazing experience'

is bill cosby in jail

Bill Cosby goes to jail

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Lawyers for the year-old comedian had renewed their bail motion in a filing last week with Pennsylvania Superior Court. They argued that Cosby is likely to have his conviction overturned because of errors by the trial judge, and that Cosby should be released due to reasons of age, health and lack of danger to the community. Cosby also released a statement last week in which he accused trial Judge Steven O'Neill of "racial hatred" against him. He says the latest filing was largely intended to point out that the Montgomery County judge hasn't yet issued a post-trial opinion explaining key trial decisions, including why he imposed the three-to year sentence, and why he allowed five other accusers to testify at last year's trial. Cosby says he needs the opinion to pursue his appeal.

Cosby, who has been demanding he be released on bail since he was sentenced to three to 10 years in September, once again cited similar grounds, including his age 81 , his health he's legally blind , his lack of a prior criminal record and the unlikelihood of his being a danger to the community. Once again, he attacked his trial judge, Steven O'Neill, as biased against him due to a convoluted alleged conflict of interest that Cosby has bitterly complained about since O'Neill presided over his first trial in Now his lawyers have added a new complaint: O'Neill has not yet officially explained his reasons for sentencing Cosby, as required in Pennsylvania, thus delaying the appellate court's review of his conviction and sentence. Cosby, clouds his better judgement to be a good steward of the bench," the statement said. His lawyers, Brian Perry and Kristen Weisenberger of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, said in their brief that Cosby has raised "meritorious issues" in his appeal. Cosby bail in light of his age, health, and high chances of success on appeal," the motion said.

Bill Cosby attacks his trial judge again in new effort to get out of jail on appeal

As he adjusted to incarceration, Bill Cosby spent his first four months in prison in a special unit, isolated from other inmates, out of concern for his safety at SCI Phoenix, a maximum-security facility outside Philadelphia. But last week authorities moved him from so-called administrative segregation to join the general population at a wing that houses other inmates, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.


Bill Cosby, seen in September after he was sentenced, is appealing his But Ms. Worden said that was not the case and that the prison does.
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