Little bay de noc ice fishing

Little Bay de Noc

little bay de noc ice fishing

Bay de Noc Walleyes - In-Depth Outdoors TV, Season 10 Episode 10

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All Michigan fishing license fees will be waived for two days. All fishing regulations will still apply. Tentative date; call to confirm. Catch northern pike or a mess of yellow perch. Plan to start your winter fishing in the northernmost waters of the two bays.

Check out our Interactive Fishing Maps! Literally thousands of anglers hit this ice around the burgs of Escanaba, Gladstone and Kipling every season, and with good reason. Offering more than 75 square miles of hardwater, there are some terrific places in the 'Noc to catch walleye not only for the skillet, but for the wall too. This fishery is so popular because some of these walleye that come through the ice every year top 10 pounds. Walleyes migrate north, from the famous Black Bottom to Squaw Point across from the city of Gladstone, through the narrows south of Kipling note that the ice in the narrows is considered unsafe.

Ice is here! As many of you know, I am an absolute ice fishing maniac. As the temps plummet outside, my blood starts boiling with anticipation for what is arguably my favorite fishing season of all. Early ice is probably the most productive of the season, so I try to get out and start punching holes as soon as conditions safely permit. Crappies, bluegills, perch, pike; you name it.

But on Little Bay de Noca renowned walleye hotspot in the northwest corner of Lake Michiganice fishing seems like more than a simple weekend pastime.
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Local fisherman are saying this year there are no signs of pressure cracks and that fisherman are travelling on the ice without any issues. The ice north of Gladstone is averaging around 24 inches and there are dozens of shanties taking advantage of the good conditions. Chris Wahl is the co-owner of Bay View Bait and Tackle and says the shop has been keeping very busy this year. It seems like they're just starting to pick up a little bit now. Typically the last couple of weeks of the season as we get into the first half of March the Walleye fishing picks up again.

Icing Bay de Noc Gold

And with over 30, acres of water to roam, as well plenty of forage to eat, the fish grow fastthus trophy-size fish are common for all species that swim here. Besides offering anglers who put the time in their chance at landing the fish of a lifetime, the water is home to a multitude of species.

Enjoy the many opportunities available in the Upper Peninsula for some great ice fishing.
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