Water temple ocarina of time 3ds

Water Temple Walkthrough with Keys for Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

water temple ocarina of time 3ds

The 3DS edition includes some modifications to make the dungeon a That's your cue to play Zelda's Lullaby to force the water level lower.

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Latest Announcements. The Water Temple is a dungeon in Ocarina of Time. It contains the source of the curse that has frozen Zora's Domain. The ancient temple lies deep under the vast Lake Hylia. Guarded by the Zoras , it is considered a sacred temple that is used to worship the water spirits. Aided with the boots and the Hookshot , Link can access its entrance by shooting the target above the gate. Various parts of the temple require Link to go underwater for substantial amounts of time, thus necessitating the Zora Tunic though the Water Temple can be beaten without it by an experienced and resourceful player.

The Water Temple has long since been referred to as one of the most difficult and more frustrating dungeons in all of the Zelda franchise. However, there are plenty of changes to the Temple this time around to help sooth the experience and actually make it very enjoyable. One of the new inclusions to help ease the difficulty is the addition of thick colored lines on some of the walls and doors. These colorful lines come in green, red, and blue, and are meant to guide Link towards the various locations in the Temple where Link can raise or lower the water level. There are three locations of these in total within the Water Temple and each of them raises or the lowers the water level to a particular level. Likewise, each of these three locations is allocated one of the three colors.

Play the Serenade of Water to quickly warp over to Lake Hylia. Before entering the temple, there is one optional Gold Skulltula that we can collect, over at the Lakeside Laboratory. Roll into the wooden crate here and and a Skulltula will pop out. Use the Hookshot to defeat it and grab the token. Simply follow the ruins to the lowest point of the lake and sink down to find a grated entrance to the temple. To open it, wear the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic and stand right before it, then use the Hookshot to hit the crystal thing right above the doorway.

Ocarina of Time 3D [Part 13-1 - Water Temple]

It was created by Ocarina of Time director Eiji Aonuma , who was inspired by his love of diving. It has players raising and lowering water levels to access different areas while utilizing a pair of Iron Boots to sink to the bottom. The difficulty of navigation combined with the cumbersome nature of using the Iron Boots led to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D including several changes to the dungeon to assist players. It also caused Aonuma to apologize for the issues, while noting that the dungeon was not difficult so much as it was frustrating. Despite the criticism, some critics have been more forgiving, praising it for its complexities. It was one of the levels that the protagonist Link explores as an adult. Players raise and lower the water level in various wings of the dungeon to access new areas.

The infamous Water Temple is the cause of frustration for many gamers, especially in the original game. To access all the levels of this multi-layered temple, you must change the water level frequently and constantly equip and un-equip the Iron Boots. The 3DS edition includes some modifications to make the dungeon a little less difficult, but it can still be confusing and frustrating without guidance. Get used to this central room, because you'll will return here several times before completing the dungeon. If you have Faeore's Wind, keep re-setting the warp point to here, to save some time.


Ocarina of Time Walkthrough Water Temple Enter the Water Temple In the 3DS version of the game, this will be highlighted by some green lines.
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