Prayer of adoration to god

Prayer of Adoration

prayer of adoration to god

70 Prompts for Adoring God. Lianna Davis. February 28, I worship you, my God, because of who you are: Eternal, immortal, and invisible, you alone are.

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I love the richness and depth of ancient prayers, with beauty and theology interwoven as humble art. Our God, King over all, we accept Your invitation to worship today, and we praise You. Source of all life and all hope, You have revealed to us Your majesty through the beauty of Your creation. Stars shine brightly to You, waves pound their praise, and trees of the field lift their gaze to heaven. In Yourself, You are complete, free to rule and reign as glorious King. Completely satisfied and lacking nothing, out of your fullness You revealed Yourself and reached down. Manna and rest to the Israelites, shelter and refuge in the rock for David, and replenished pots of oil for the widow, throughout unfolding history You have shown that You alone are the answer to our need.

In Timaru they have a child read one of the following prayers near the start of their service. You are an awesome God, and you love us very much. Thank you for sending Jesus, and calling us together to celebrate his work. Please take away the road blocks that stop us from coming into your presence, and fill in the pot holes that slow us down and make the way bumpy. In Jesus name we pray with the help of the Holy Spirit, Amen. Heavenly Father, your name is awesome. You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

Help me to know you, to love you for who you are, and to value what you value, my God. Lianna liannadavis is wed to Tyler and mother of two dear daughters, one who lives in heaven and one who lives on earth. More of her writing can be found at her website. Here are 5 key passages from recent Christian articles around the web, including an article on sanctification and the tongue, one on the impact of mom's faith on children, and more! Colin Smith, Unlocking the Bible Jonah was one of the spiritual leaders Zacchaeus was killing it.

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If you use this resource and would like to help with the cost of its continuing development, then donations are always welcome! Light of light, Lord of Lords, God of this world and the next, We give you thanks for the promise of this day, We give you thanks for the challenge of this day, We give you thanks for the blessings of this day. Light of light, Lord of Lords, God of this world and the next, We give you thanks. You spoke And a universe Burst into existence. You breathed And an ocean Broke against shore. You laughed And a wild goose Flew across the horizon.

A Prayer to Praise God

70 Prompts for Adoring God

Man's chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever. Westminster Shorter Catechism Peaceful piano music suitable for using as a background to quiet adoration and worship Featured below are some popular references in the scriptures about adoration. It's possible to use these as a starting point for personal meditation, prayer and reflection. Toggle navigation.


A Prayer of Adoration and Reverence for God and His Word





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  1. "The Lord is my strength and my defence; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father's God, and I will exalt him" (Exodus ).

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