How to cut toddler boy hair with clippers

How to Do a Boy’s Haircut with Clippers

how to cut toddler boy hair with clippers

How to cut boys' hair with clippers. If you simply cut with the clippers and stop there, the haircut will still look a little “home done.” Touching up.

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There are a few different methods you can use to cut hair, depending on the style the boy wants and the texture and length of his hair. However, boys have different ways of cutting their hair, depending on their style and hair texture. Once you have your clippers adjusted, start from the bottom of the hairline and shave in smooth cuts all around the head, moving from the bottom to the top. If the boy has thinner hair, you should only clip the sides and trim the top of his head with scissors. To trim the top, comb the front of his hair back, hold it between 2 fingers, and cut parallel to your fingers. Then, pull back the section of hair right behind that cut and use your first cut as a guide. Repeat this process as you work your way to the back of the head until his hair is at an even length.

Many toddlers are going to start making a scene right after they got on the chair, which is why cutting their hair at home is the wisest and best thing to do. You may want to get into a playful mood, be creative and do your best so that you both have fun and finish the job…eventually. You do need to use the right tools when cutting his hair, which means you need everything to be handy. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right tools for cutting hair:. Try as much as you can to never plan it when he is hungry, sick or tired. Almost all kids out there love water, toddlers including. Make sure you wet all the hair as if not, you may not be able to cut evenly.

With a family of seven, we have to be thrifty. One way that we have saved a LOT of money over the years is by cutting hair at home. I like to hang on to the baby hair as long as possible, so when they were babies they would get a trim when I got my hair cut! I can cut hair in about 10 minutes per person, and the clean up just takes a few minutes. If Jordan finds out he has an important meeting at work, I can cut his hair at the last minute the night before.

How to Cut Toddler Boy Hair with Clippers

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Cutting My Little Boys Hair to Save Money!

Your little one's mop is growing out of control, but the thought of getting him to sit still long enough to trim his hair convinces you it's not that bad. Since you can't avoid haircuts forever, it's time to arm yourself with some tips to make the process easier, whether you snip his locks yourself or let a professional handle the work. By now, you know when your toddler is at his best and when his inner beast starts to show. Schedule a haircut when he's happy and cooperative. In other words, avoid nap time or late in the day at all costs. If you're cutting your tot's hair at home, sneak in a few snips while he's happily playing or watching a favorite show.

Dreading the baby's first haircut experience, we called on an expert through the Priv app to trim our toddler's hair at home. And we got some genius tips to ensure that you and your toddler have the most tantrum-free haircut possible, no matter where you are. My worst mom fail was when I let my father give my son, Saxon, his first haircut. I thought he was qualified for the job because he used to cut my hair when I was a kid. And by cut, I mean butcher.

How To Cut Boys Hair

But gone are the days of bowl cuts and mop tops. Today, boys can choose from a number of cool haircuts and hairstyles, ranging from classic and handsome to modern and trendy. To cut hair short, most boys haircut styles require hair clippers to fade and blend the sides and back, and scissors to trim the long hair on top. For instance, moms who are less confident trimming hair may be more comfortable removing length from the top before using the clippers. Meanwhile, experienced stylists or parents with an eye for symmetry, blending, and layering may start with an undercut or taper fade haircut on the sides.

Haircuts can be expensive. As a mom of 2 boys and one happy husband, going to the salon every month really adds up to some serious cash. If you can learn how to cut boys hair at home and give the boys a nice cut; you will be save a ton of money for years to come. My youngest son is 6 years old and I finally decided to take the time to learn how to cut my little boys hair. I was really afraid of messing up his hair, cutting him, or shaving him bald. So the way I learned to do it was by taking some lessons from my sister in law who is a professional hair dresser. Finally one day gave me some lesson and I have been cutting my boys hair ever since.

To cut longer hair on a toddler, start by parting the hair in the middle and clipping up the top layers of hair. Next, brush the remaining hair in the back straight down and cut it to the length that you want. As you bring sections of hair down to cut, make sure you can continually see your original length guide through the layers so the hair length matches. Alternatively, for short hair, you can use clippers to cut up the base of the neck, back, and sides of the hair. Then, use scissors to blend the slightly longer front with the shorter hair. Obtain the right scissors and comb. Get a pair of hair cutting shears and a comb before you begin.

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