Mini fridge with locking door

Best Mini Fridge with Lock Buying Guide 2018

mini fridge with locking door

That's where mini fridges with locks come in handy. Computer Security Products Refrigerator Door Lock With Padlock, Black, $, Buy on.

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Mini fridges can be great for storing drinks and snacks with quick and easy access in dorm rooms, bedrooms, gaming rooms, man caves, etc. The problem is, roommates, workmates, or pesky kids will often try to get there hands on your goodies! In this guide, the first thing I will talk about is the option of getting a separate lock that can be fitted onto pretty much any mini fridge. This is usually the cheapest way to do it. Then we will take a look at the best mini fridges with locks. Instead of looking for a mini fridge with a lock built in, you might want to consider purchasing a standard mini fridge and then getting a specifically designed lock.

A drab college dorm room or a stark office will feel more like home with a snack or cold drink at your fingertips. Putting a compact refrigerator in a media room, man cave, or home workshop can also save trips to the kitchen. One more caution: Though it's obvious that storage space will be less with a compact refrigerator, some of the models we tested were more miniature than others, holding just one-tenth as much as a regular refrigerator. But you might find that when it comes to energy consumption, they cost as much to operate. All that being said, as long as your expectations are appropriately in check, a mini fridge can be a worthwhile investment. We tested almost 20 models from brands such as Frigidaire, GE, Igloo, and Kenmore to find the top performers.

A secure mini fridge with lock is the best equipment to keep your drinks cool, and keep kids away from your beer. Small and light weight, these types of compact refrigerators are adaptable and practical. They look like small chest freezers but are perfect for preserving cold wine etc. The 17 litre capacity ChillQuiet Thermo electric small locking refrigerator provides a noiseless operating design for cooling refreshments, as well as snack foods. Ideal for living spaces in addition to places of work, this particular small counter top fridge may also be used like a travelling fridge, or perhaps for outdoor camping.

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The Mini-Fridge Lock is a deterrent of theft from fridges. This kind of theft is stereotypically highest in college dorms, so this contest is entered in the "Dorm Hacks" contest. This could easily be improved be getting screws that only go in one way, but I wanted mine to be removable. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.

Here at Walmart. - A mini fridge with lock can be the perfect smaller appliance for people who live in dorm rooms, share office space, or have roommates who like sharing your food without your permission.


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