Sea monsters a walking with dinosaurs trilogy 2003

Sea Monsters - A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy (HD Quality) [Ep. 1]

sea monsters a walking with dinosaurs trilogy 2003

Sea Monsters: A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy (2003)

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Nigel Marven. This is absolute perfection, the paroxysm of documentary greatness, BBC will never create something that good again. Nigel runs out of danger from the dinosaurs and jump into the dangers of the water where Sea Monsters can easily eat him from beneath his feet as a mosasaur can catch a pterosaur unawares at hell's aquarium in the cretaceous period, Some of creatures facts are completely inaccurate but still the new animals I never heard of are fascinating as evolution and all of the Walking With Prehistoric Life series. I was sure I had seen Sea Monster before but it turned out to be totally new to me. I love sea creatures and I feel like the prehistoric ocean is often left aside to focus on the life on land. So I was really looking forward to this one and I wasn't disappointed. I was worried a bit first when they introduce the 'time travelling diver' frame story.

Sign in. Nigel first goes fishing in the Ordovician. Even though fish hadn't evolve yet there's plenty of creatures to catch if they don't catch him first. In the Triassic he finds plenty of fish but they're Nigel continues to court danger in the Devonian as he teases a dunkleosteus and in the Eocene trying to hand feed an arsinoitherium. Then to the Pliocene for an counter with history's largest shark. Nigel follows a school of massive fish hoping to find history's the largest marine carnivore, Liopleurodon.

A BBC documentary trilogy which used CGI graphics to show life as it existed millions of years ago as far back as million years ago , focusing on the most bizarre, ferocious, or just downright fascinating creatures to ever inhabit the ocean. It was made by Impossible Pictures who were also responsible for creating the legendary series Walking with Dinosaurs. The series is hosted by the wildlife presenter Nigel Marven who travels to seven ancient seas in a meter long motorboat and scuba dives in each of them, with the computer-generated images of the creatures which would once have inhabited those oceans set against the shots of him diving. The original British title of this series is actually Sea Monsters. All three episodes of the series can be watched here on Documentary Vine, use the numbered tabs beneath the video player or the episode list below to navigate them. Rated 66 by 7 people. Walking with Cavemen.

Dangerous Seas

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Post a Comment. The most notable difference between the Chased By In Sea Monsters , Nigel, along with his equipment and crew, time-travels to various eras of prehistory to take the audience on a you-are-there tour of the world's most dangerous seas. Some purists feel these Chased By But you know what?


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