Corvus oculum corvi non eruit

20 latin phrases you should be using

corvus oculum corvi non eruit

Corvo Sagaz - corvus oculum corvi non eruit - #1 - Navio (2018)

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If you're interested in reading more, check out the link at the bottom of the article. Long gone are the days of learning Latin in school. These days the most Latin the average young person knows is "carpe diem" or "quid pro quo". Increase your vocabulary with some of these much-needed phrases. Barba tenus sapientes "Wise as far as his beard" : someone that looks intelligent but actually isn't.

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Hundreds of words—like memo , alibi , agenda , census , veto , alias , via , alumni , affidavit and versus— are all used in everyday English, as are abbreviations like i. Even some entire Latin phrases have become so naturalized in English that we use them, in full, without a second thought—like bona fide literally "in good faith" , alter ego "other self" , persona non grata "unwelcome person" , vice versa "position turned" , carpe diem "seize the day" , cum laude "with praise" , alma mater "nourishing mother" , and quid pro quo "something for something," "this for that". Besides fairly commonplace examples like these, however, English has adopted a number of much less familiar Latin phrases and expressions that go criminally underused—20 examples of which are listed here. Like "holding a tiger by the tail," it is used to describe an unsustainable situation, and in particular one in which both doing nothing and doing something to resolve it are equally risky. Apparently coined by the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder, a brutum fulmen is a harmless or empty threat.

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Corvo Sagaz - corvus oculum corvi non eruit - #7 - Indivisivel (2018)




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