Oracion ala virgen de guadalupe para pedir un favor

Virgen de la Medalla Milagrosa

oracion ala virgen de guadalupe para pedir un favor


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Yo dudaba que fuese la Virgen. Me dijo:. Me dijo: " Yo gusto mucho de esas fiestas y concedo muchas gracias. Me dijo: " Se ha ido. Se pone al trabajo. De eso Catalina vuelve a hablar a su confesor, el Padre Aladel. Las Hijas de la Caridad empiezan a distribuir, en junio, las 2.

I desire to have everyone know and love you. I wish to work for the enrichment of Your temple and Your devotion. Grant that the spirit of discord and all that maybe harmful to the Society of Our Lady of Guadalupe not be part of my life. As a sign of love, I beg You, oh my tender Mother, that you bless my family, my friends, my enemies and myself. Help the members of this Society grow in number and faith. Give courage to my work.

oracion san Juan Diego y Virgencita de Guadalupe

Llena los corazones de tus fieles. Que renueve la faz de la Tierra. Oh Dios,.

?Tienes casos dificiles y urgentes? Reza esta oracion a la Santisima Trinidad

Virgen de Guadalupe 7 day candle in glass jar - hours total 16 hrs daily for 7 days - Veladora Guadalupana. Dear Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother and help of all Christians since you appeared to Juan Diego in the mountains of Mexico, the problems that torment me I place in your blessed hands. Remember Oh Blessed Mother that never has it been known that anyone who sought your help was left unaided with confidence, humble and repentant, full of Love and Hope, this favor I implore. Amen Mention your petition and pray a Hail Mary. The Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego in asking him to tell the bishop to build her a church on the hill in the desert of Tepeyac near Mexico City. She told Juan Diego to go up to the hilltop of Tepeyac and cut the flowers that were growing there. He removed his tilma cloak , cut the roses and brought them back to the Virgin, who arranged them with her own hands.

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