Hello my name is dave

hello my name is dave Gifts

hello my name is dave

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Dave Murray: I know! Sometimes by themselves! DM: Yeah, that tends to be the case. I think people have suddenly just caught on to us. And you took your cues from punk rock. DM: Yeah.

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My only small claim to internet fame is that I was once a beta tester for Xbox Live almost 11 years ago, and I was one of the first 10, or so on the service. There have been ill behaved, low life pond scum on there since the very beginning. I did a little digging around on the site about the author and liked some of his other articles. I was bored one day recently and did a little more digging on his bio page at Ars and found myself at his blog, which led me directly here. I thought about registering at the Chronicles of George forum but instead took a stab here instead. I find dragging photos and YouTube links in the text box a joy to behold.

Ever wonder about your neighbors? We have a twist with our story this week, because we are talking with a man who has one of the most recognizable VOICES on the Cape, and he has been sharing stories with us for 40 years! Each of the 35 students in the room was expected to check a minimum of two-sided applications per day. They came tied up with green string. The best part of this job was the funny names we came across. Lots of laughs on YouTube and Facebook with all the memes and videos out there.

Andy : Meow. Who are you supposed to be? Jim : Dave. Andy : Cool. That was totally my first idea too! People seemed more confused by the fact that I was wearing a dress shirt than the three random black circles, haha.

The Office: Jim Halpert Halloween costumes

I come from a loooooong line of storytellers. You could usually hear the crescendo, punchline and laughter roaring towards the gravel driveway before you got to the front porch. Coming from a big, big family, there were many days when that kitchen was standing room only.

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Oct 23, Dave (from Season 5's Employee Transfer): light button-down shirt tucked into dark pants, dark tie, a “HELLO my name is” sticker with “DAVE”.
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