Karate kid you re the best

You're the Best

karate kid you re the best

Joe Esposito - You're The Best Around (Karate Kid soundtrack)


Halestorm are no strangers to covers, having already released one covers collection and recently discussing ideas for a second. But during a trip to an Idaho radio station, the band quickly learned and cranked out one track they might not have had in their arsenal -- Joe Esposito's 'You're the Best Around. For the uninitiated, Esposito's song first gained traction as part of the soundtrack of the '80s film, 'The Karate Kid,' and its anthemic drive and association with the movie's montage has made it quite the cult favorite over the years. The track is currently being used as the KQXR morning show theme and during a visit to the station, Halestorm were convinced to record it for the station's usage. X-Rock They practiced the song a few times, and they just not only killed it but had fun with it.

We know that many of you were massive fans of The Karate Kid during your childhood, so we thought it was about time that we took a closer look at the brilliant film that started the successful franchise…. And be sure to tell us your memories of this brilliant film by posting a comment! This was because he directed, and received the Best Director Oscar for, the classic Sylvester Stallone film Rocky. Avildsen also directed the second and third Karate Kid films, as well as Rocky V. Believe it or not, during filming of the Karate Kid Ralph Macchio was actually aged 22, with many of the Karate Kid cast refusing to believe him when he told them how old he was!

It appears on West Coast Sound every Wednesday. How could he not have? I mean, he's beautiful AND courageous. If I had a vagina, and had I seen him fighting, I'd for certain have let him pu—you know what. Never mind.

Has an instrumental movie score ever sounded so cool? Ray Parker Jr. Need to get amped up for that softball game or sales presentation? This track from the Scottish rock band Simple Minds was so perfect for The Breakfast Club that John Hughes used it for the opening and closing credits. Sly strikes again. Would it have even made a bleep had we not always equated it with all those twirls and lifts?

You're The Best [From The Karate Kid]

You're the Best Around: The Greatest Movie Anthems of the '80s

This story dates back to Sylvester Stallone was filming the third installment of his legendary Rocky series and looking for a song that would capture the essence and grit of the film. As the story goes, Stallone reached out to Jim Peterik, of Survivor fame, looking for something with a youthful edge for the film. After screening complete cut the film, they were able to incorporate the story into their music. They played Stallone the demo of the song and he absolutely loved it. The song went on to have dramatic success. In the United States, it held No.

Esposito revealed that the power ballad [2] was originally intended for the Rocky III soundtrack, but was replaced by " Eye of the Tiger ". It was subsequently also turned down for the Flashdance soundtrack in favour of " Maniac " by Michael Sembello. The Karate Kid' s director, John G. Avildsen , liked the song so much that he used it in the movie. Mexican wrestler Ricky Marvin uses the song as his theme.

The s was a golden era for blockbuster hits, and countless films released during this decade have gone on to become cult-classic films. One ' 80s movie that has certainly stood the test of time and continues to wax on in cinematic glory is The Karate Kid , which-- more than 30 years later-- is still adored by audiences of all ages. Not only did The Karate Kid provide an arsenal of catchphrases that seem to appropriately fit into almost any situation, it also, more importantly, inspired generations to stand up against bullies. You know The Karate Kid is the best around, but do you know these behind-the-scenes facts? According to LA Weekly , the script for the movie was loosely based on a news story that producer Jerry Weintraub had seen on a local TV news station. The report was about a boy who was being bullied after school every day, and in order to learn how to defend himself, enlisted in karate lessons, eventually earning his black belt in the martial art. Apparently, after learning that the boy was trained in karate, the other kids stopped picking on him.

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