How do you cut a video in imovie

How to Split a Video Clip in iMovie

how do you cut a video in imovie

How to Split a Clip (iMovie 2018)

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If you're using YouTube to post your videos, you've probably figured out that you won't be able to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes in length -- and for some users, that number may even go down to 10 minutes. If you've created a video that is longer and now need to split it so that you can upload it to YouTube, you can split the clip within the iMovie program found on most Mac computers. Open iMovie and then open the video you want to split by selecting File, "Import," then "Import Movies. Click on the video when it appears in the iMovie Project area. When the video thumbnail becomes highlighted, drag it to the iMovie Timeline near the bottom pane of the iMovie window. Click on the iMovie thumbnail within the Timeline to highlight it. Place the Timeline Playhead -- also known as the cursor within the Timeline -- at the point where you want to split the clip.

Fine-tuning start and end points and changing clip durations is called trimming. In the timeline , skim to the beginning or end of the clip you want to extend or shorten. You can use the clip trimmer to add more frames to a clip or remove unwanted frames from a clip. You can also see how much of your clip is being used. In the timeline , select the clip you want to trim.

Even though iMovie is a simple to use video editing software for Mac, but I still find lots of users are looking for a detailed tutorial about how to cut video in iMovie on the Internet, espeically when the user is a novice in video editing. So today, I write this article to show you the step by step guide on cutting videos in iMovie. Well, as I said at the beginning, iMovie is a tool for simple editing, then the functions of this program is limited. Thus, you're going to learn an alternative software to iMovie and how to use the iMovie alternative to cut a video on Windows or Mac computer easily. Here, I'll take the Mac version as an example.

All Apple computers ship with iMovie software installed. You can also import media from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, from file-based cameras, and from tape-based cameras. You can even record video directly into iMovie. Whichever method you use, after you import video into iMovie , take the time to clean up and organize the different clips. This keeps your project orderly and makes it easier to find what you are looking for. You need to create a project and import video clips before you can start working on your iMovie project. To do this:.

When talking about how to cut a clip in iMovie, it occurs to nearly all Mac users that doing such a practical thing will make video management easier. This reputable tool will bring you flawless user experience in trimming video files on your Mac. To get more detailed info, now come to the later content, guiding yourself to concrete versatile solutions. Meanwhile, it can as well give you Windows entrance to trim videos. No matter which version you choose, you can get processed videos without altering original quality.

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