Who said be better today than you were yesterday

be better than you were yesterday quotes

who said be better today than you were yesterday

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The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday. Fake friends - a lack of support forges the warrior and deters the coward. Death - the finality of existing can inspire or frighten. Illness - the threat to our health can result in fear or determination. When our health is in question some of us can revert to the state of powerlessness and just accept that the end is near, then there are those of us who take it upon ourselves to heal our bodies with healthy foods and exercise. Neglect - inspires us to either heal or resent.

How do we stack up? Our brains want to know how we are measuring up compared to everyone else. Do we matter more than other people matter? People can spend their entire lives trying to determine where they stack on the proverbial totem pole of the human race, however, those who do will one day be sorely disappointed to find out that there was no ranking measurement against anyone else at all. There was only the assessment of how their life measured up to their own personal potential. When we compare ourselves to someone else we will always have to rank ourselves as either superior or inferior to that other person, and neither of those assessments will ever be factually accurate. Admittedly, a person can be better than someone else at one particular task, but that doesn't qualify them as superior.

This collection of 30 good day quotes will put a smile on your face and inspire you to make today better than yesterday.
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Hey everybody, the first quote that I really like is I feel like all high school students need to understand this because life isn't a competition. There will always be somebody better than you at sports, or somebody smarter than you. Life is a matter of being proud of yourself and being comfortable with who you are. Questioning your decisions and deciding if they're going to matter years from now will help you in focusing on the important things. Don't get frustrated over things that don't really matter. Everybody is special in their own ways, just try to beat yourself instead of somebody else.

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  1. It is our duty to be better today than we were yesterday, and better tomorrow than we are today. Your 'Room for Improvement' ought to always be 'under.

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